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On the African island of Madagascar, King Radamo and his political allies are murdered in a coup led by his Prime Minister

Africa, 1857, zoomable map
King Radamo II had ruled Madagascar since 1861. When he began to place trusted friends in his cabinet, established politicians, led by the Prime Minister, feared they were being marginalized.  They demanded that Radomo purge his inner circle and when he refused, twelve of these advisors were abducted and killed, and in the early morning hours of May 12, 1863, the King himself was strangled to death.  His wife Rasoherina was ordered to take the throne, on the condition that the political status quo be maintained.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Jacob F. Ade Ajayi, Africa in the Nineteenteenth Century Unitl the 1880s,Volume VI. (Paris: UNESCO, 1989), 432..