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Letter from Theodore S. Garnett to George W. Wingate, May 31, 1892 on the Shelling of Carlisle, July 1, 1863

Theodore Stanford Garnett, detail
Theodore Stanford Garnett was an eighteen year-old Lieutenant in the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia and aide to General J.E.B. Stuart during his attack on Carlisle, Pennsylvania, July 1, 1863. Almost thirty years later, Garnett, then a prominent lawyer in Norfolk, Virginia, answered the request of General George W. Wingate of the New York National Guard for an account of the attack from the Confederate perspective for a history of the 22nd Regiment of the New York Guard. Wingate had himself served as third sergeant in Company A of the regiment, defending the town from Stuart's cavalrymen. Garnett gave a detailed account of the attack, as well as an account of Stuart's hard-marching quest to find Ewell's infantry, and concluded with a short defense of his beloved general against his critics. (By John Osborne)