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Ulysses Simpson Grant is formally named commander of all Union Armies, with rank of Lieutenant-General

Ulysses Simpson Grant, Brady image, detail
President Lincoln, unimpressed with the overall progress of the war after Gettysburg, named Ulysses Grant as the field commander of all the Union armies, with the rank of Lieutenant-General, last held by George Washington.  The president accomplished this action in a ceremony at the White House on March 9 and with formal orders signed on March 12, 1864. General Henry Halleck, who had been commanding all Union forces since late spring 1862, was now named as chief of staff and remained in Washington to take care of administrative duties.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Charles Roland, An American Illiad: The Story of the Civil War (New York, McGraw-Hill, 2002), 168.