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In the Senate, a Kentucky senator proposes the immediate discharging of all African-American troops

Garrett Davis, detail
During a debate on a bill to pay all Union troops equally despite their race, gadfly Democrat and Kentucky U.S. Senator Garrett Davis introduced an amendment to disarm and discharge "all negroes and mulattoes in the military service of the United States." A vote on the amendment was ordered and seven Senators voted for the action and thirty against.  The full measure to treat all equally passed the U.S. Senate on April 9, 1864, and the full Congress on June 11, 1864.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
Henry Wilson, History of the Antislavery Measures of the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth United States Congresses, 1861-65 (Boston: Walker, Fuller & Company, 1865), 3030304.