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In Congress, Representative Harris of Maryland is immediately censured for disloyal comments in debate

Benjamin Gwinn Harris, Brady image, detail
During a debate in the House of Representatives, Congressman Harris of Maryland had told the body the Union should have let the South go in 1861 and "I hope that you will never subjugate the South." Congressman Elihu Washburne of Illinois had immediately moved that Harris be expelled from Congress for treason. The motion for this was passed but, with a vote of 84 to 58, not in the required majority.  A following motion from Ohio Congressman Robert Schenck to censure Harris did then pass by a vote of 98 to 20. (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
Edward McPherson, The Political History of the United States of America, during the Great Rebellion.... (Washington DC: Philp and Solomons, 1865), 387.