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Report of Messrs. Brough and Garrett on arrangements for the transport of President Lincoln's remains to Illinois, April 18, 1865

Mourning Abraham Lincoln, April, 1865, Thomas Nast engraving, further detail
Two days after President Lincoln's murder, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton asked the sitting governor of Ohio, John Brough, and the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, John W. Garrett, to arrange the passage of Mr. Lincoln's remains to his home in Springfield, Illinois. The two men consulted with leaders in Illinois and produced the same day a twelve day itinerary that would largely approximate, in reverse, the train journey the newly elected Abraham Lincoln made from Springfield in 1861 to take up the Presidency. Stops were arranged so that the coffin could lay in state in prominent cities, including Philadelphia and New York. Both Garrett and Brough were War Democrats. (By John Osborne)