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Resolutions, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1866

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1855, zoomable cityscape map
In a reportedly orderly gathering in the Pennsylvania capital, the state's Democratic Party met to nominate their slate of candidate for the upcoming Pennsylvania elections. The gathering also passed a series of succinct and clear resolutions in support of President Johnson's current "restoration policy." Resolutions called for the seating of former Confederate state representatives, cited the rights of these states to decide on the qualification of those who speak for them in Congress, and announced straightforwardly "that the white race alone is entitled to the control of the Government of the Republic..." The convention thanked their Washington representatives, including controversially the nominally Republican moderate Senator Edgar Cowan, and encouraged them to continue the work of supporting President Johnson. Though their resolutions indicate the increasingly heated political atmosphere, both in the state and nationally, the main item of business was the nomination of candidates and for Governor, the Democrats nominated Hiester Clymer, destined in the October election to lose to Republican John White Geary, the former Union combat general. (By John Osborne)


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