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Selected Resolutions, Pennsylvania Republican Party Convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1866

John White Geary, engraving, detail
The Unionists and Republicans met in Harrisburg on a Wednesday in early March to nominate a slate of candidates for the October state election. The meeting was heated and the main nominations contested but in the end the more radical factions were able to nominate the well-known Union combat general John White Geary as their nominee for governor. Below are a selection of the resolutions the meeting passed in addition. They indicate both the increasing hostility to President Johnson's conservative policies and the need to assuage the more moderate factions at the gathering, like that led by Andrew McClure, by praising Johnson's past efforts during the war. One of the resolutions did call powerfully for the resignation of Edgar Cowan, who, though a Republican, was strongly supporting President Johnson policies in the United States Senate. Geary was successful in the October elections, defeating the Democratic nominee, Hiester Clymer. (By John Osborne)