Republican Party

Note Cards


Date Event
03/27/1852 Coles Bashford sworn in as Republican governor of Wisconsin
12/03/1855 The 34th Congress opens in Washington, DC
02/22/1856 The Republican Party holds its first national meeting
06/17/1856 The Republican Party convention opens in Philadelphia
01/12/1857 First Republican Governor of Illinois inaugurated
04/07/1857 Lincoln holds meeting regarding 1860 election
10/25/1858 Senator Seward gives his famous "irrepressible conflict" speech in Rochester, New York
01/04/1859 New Hampshire Republicans hold their state nominating convention
01/13/1859 The Connecticut Republican Party Convention meets in New Haven
05/07/1859 Senator Seward sails for Europe on a mission to "recruit his health" and study "Old World" institutions
05/18/1859 The Republican Party is organized in Kansas at a Convention in Osawatomie
11/08/1859 Republican Governor Alexander Randall re-elected in Wisconsin
01/03/1860 Republicans sweep Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's municipal elections
01/10/1860 Cassius Clay speaks for more than three hours from the Capitol steps in Frankfort, Kentucky
01/27/1860 Thirty-ninth ballot in the election for Speaker sees John Sherman fall behind for the first time
02/03/1860 John W. Forney returns as Clerk of the House, this time as a Republican
02/22/186002/23/1860 Pennsylvania Opposition Party Convention nominates Cameron for President and Curtin for Governor
02/29/1860 Wisconsin Republicans support William Seward for President
03/01/1860 Ohio Republicans meet in Columbus and select Senator Chase as their choice for President
03/06/1860 John Wentworth once again becomes mayor of Chicago
03/07/1860 Massachusetts Republicans make William H. Seward their first choice for President
03/09/1860 Abraham Lincoln rallies Connecticut Republicans in a strong evening speech at Norwich
03/12/1860 House of Representatives passes the Homestead Bill
03/14/1860 Nebraska Republicans dominate election for delegates to the territorial constitutional convention
03/18/1860 William H. Bissell becomes the first Illinois governor to die in office
04/02/1860 Republicans sweep state elections in Connecticut
04/13/1860 In Virginia, Prince William County Republicans meet to choose delegates for the state convention in Wheeling
04/18/1860 New York State Republican Convention selects William H. Seward as its choice for President
04/26/1860 Maryland Republicans hold their state convention in Baltimore amidst hostile crowds
05/02/1860 The Virginia Republican State Convention meets in Wheeling, Virginia
05/09/186005/10/1860 Illinois Republicans hold their state convention in Decatur and nominate Richard Yates for governor
05/10/1860 The U.S. Senate passes its version of the Homestead Bill
05/12/1860 Female correspondent covers the Chicago Convention of the Republican Party
05/16/186005/18/1860 Republican National Convention meets in Chicago, Illinois
05/19/1860 In Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln is formally offered the Republican Party nomination for President
05/23/1860 In Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln formally accepts the Republican nomination for President
05/26/1860 Pennsylvania Republicans meet in Harrisburg and Philadelphia to ratify the recent nominations in Chicago
06/05/1860 Virginia Republican arrested for circulating anti-southern literature
06/07/1860 In Detroit, Michigan Republicans endorse the Chicago nominations and choose Austin Blair for governor
06/22/1860 President Buchanan vetoes the Homestead Bill of 1860
06/27/1860 Vermont Republican Convention meets in Rutland and nominates Erastus Fairbanks for governor
07/10/1860 Ohio Republican congressional candidate leaves party over platform plank on immigrant voting
07/13/1860 Prominent New York American Party politician James O. Putnam endorses Abraham Lincoln
07/16/1860 At a Lincoln rally in New York City, Horace Greeley woos former Whig and American Party voters
07/29/1860 From Missouri, Carl Schurz writes to his wife of his success in winning German-born voters to the Republican side
08/01/1860 Nebraska Republicans hold their territorial convention at Plattsmouth
08/08/1860 Giant Republican rally in Springfield, Illinois
08/24/1860 Governor Banks of Massachusetts declines re-nomination for a second term
09/04/1860 In Vermont, Republicans win state-wide elections
09/04/1860 Senator W.H. Seward speaks in Detroit on a campaign swing for Republicans in Michigan
09/05/1860 Another huge Republican rally, this time in Jersey City, New Jersey
09/10/1860 Republicans sweep the Maine state-wide elections
09/11/1860 Four thousand "Wide Awake" club members march in a torch-lit parade through Albany, New York
09/20/1860 Rhode Island Republican Convention held in Providence
09/23/1860 Senator Seward campaigns for the Republican Party in St. Joseph, Missouri
09/25/1860 In New York City, Republican "Wide Awakes" brawl with Bell supporters on Broadway
10/03/1860 In New York City, 12,000 Republican "Wide-Awakes" march in a huge torch-lit night parade
10/04/1860 William H. Seward continues his stumping tour for Republicans in Cleveland, Ohio
10/09/1860 Republicans sweep to victory in state-wide elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota
11/01/1860 New York City's veterans of the War of 1812 meet and declare for Lincoln and the Republicans
11/06/1860 Abraham Lincoln votes in Springfield, Illinois at 3:30PM and waits for election news at a local telegraph office
04/01/1861 Governor Buckingham re-elected as Republicans once again sweep state elections in Connecticut
04/09/1861 In New Jersey, the state capital Trenton elects its first Republican mayor
11/05/1861 Republican governors Andrew of Massachusetts and Ramsey of Minnesota easily re-elected
01/10/1862 In Sacramento, Republican railway builder Leland Stanford becomes the eighth governor of California
12/18/1862 Senatorial caucus meets to discuss Cabinet crisis
06/04/1863 In Concord, Republican railway executive Joseph Gilmore is sworn in as governor of New Hampshire