Manifest Destiny

Note Cards


Date Event
01/06/1846 House of Representatives passes resolution to end joint occupation of Oregon Territory
02/05/1846 First newspaper on the Pacific Coast published
12/23/1852 The first railroad west of the Mississippi makes its inaugural run
10/15/1853 William Walker and 45 followers invade Baja California, in northwestern Mexico
03/04/1858 Commodore Perry dies at his home in New York City
09/16/1858 The first overland mail for California leaves St. Louis for San Francisco
10/09/1858 The first overland mail from California arrives in St. Louis, twenty-five days out from San Francisco
11/22/1858 The city of Denver is founded in Colorado and named for the territorial governor
02/28/1859 Congress approves a reservation for the Pima and Miricopa tribes near the Gila River in New Mexico Territory
05/09/1859 Horace Greeley sets off from New York on his tour of the West
05/10/1859 Prospector makes the richest gold discovery yet in Colorado
05/15/1859 Horace Greeley arrives in Kansas on his tour of the West
06/06/1859 Horace Greeley arrives in Denver on his tour of the West
06/11/1859 Large silver deposits are found in Six Mile Canyon near Virginia City in Nevada
06/30/1859 The U.S. Post Office reports another record deficit for the year ending June 30, 1859
07/14/1859 Nevada settlers elect a slate of delegates to frame a territorial constitution
07/17/1859 The sternwheeler "Chippewa" reaches to within twelve miles of Fort Benton on the Upper Missouri
07/18/185907/27/1859 Nevada delegates meet to frame a constitution for their unorganized territory
08/01/1859 Horace Greeley arrives in Sacramento on his tour of the West
09/01/1859 Nevada voters confirm the constitution for their unorganized territory by referendum
09/28/1859 Horace Greeley arrives home in New York City after his tour of the West
12/15/1859 The Legislature of the unorganized territory of Nevada meets for the first and last time in Genoa
03/12/1860 House of Representatives passes the Homestead Bill
04/08/1860 The eastward and westward riders of the first run of the Pony Express cross paths somewhere in Utah
04/12/1860 The first east to west run of the Pony Express arrives at Carson City, Nevada
04/13/1860 J. W. Richardson rides into St. Joseph, Missouri ending the first west to east run of the Pony Express
05/08/1860 In Nevada, the Paiute War begins with the wiping out of the Pony Express stop at Williams Station
05/10/1860 The U.S. Senate passes its version of the Homestead Bill
05/12/1860 In Nevada, Paiute Indians wipe out a poorly organized white militia at the Battle of Big Bend
06/19/1860 The Homestead Bill of 1860 passes both houses and is sent to the President for signature
06/22/1860 President Buchanan vetoes the Homestead Bill of 1860
07/02/1860 The sternwheeler "Chippewa" reaches Fort Benton on the Upper Missouri
08/29/1860 In Texas, Oliver Loving sets out on the first cattle drive into the Colorado Territory
09/08/1860 Telegraph lines continue to cross the Nebraska Territory with the opening of the Omaha office
09/09/186009/11/1860 In Idaho, an emigrant wagon train attacked and scattered by Indians
11/13/1860 Golden become the capital of the unsanctioned "Territory of Jefferson"
02/28/1861 President Buchanan signs the Colorado Territory into existence
03/02/1861 President Buchanan signs the Nevada Territory into existence
05/20/1862 President Lincoln signs the Homestead Act
01/01/1863 The Homestead Act comes into effect
03/04/1863 Congress authorizes the formation of the Idaho Territory
05/13/186305/14/1863 In Montana, Crow Indians attack the fifteen men of John Stuart's Big Horn Expedition killing several
07/04/1863 In Idaho, the future territorial and state capital city of Boise is founded
12/02/1863 In Nebraska, the Union Pacific Railroad construction begins on the western side of the Missouri
07/14/1864 In Montana, four prospectors find significant gold deposits in what they call "Last Chance Gulch"
01/16/1866 The 1866 shipment of "Mercer Girls" departs New York City for Washington Territory