Fort Sumter

Note Cards


Date Event
09/14/186009/15/1860 Corps of Engineers begin repairs to defenses of Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter in South Carolina
11/18/1860 Kentuckian Major Robert Anderson assigned to take command of Fort Moultrie in South Carolina
12/08/1860 In Washington DC, President Buchanan meets with the South Carolina congressional delegation
12/11/1860 In Charleston, Major Anderson is ordered not to provoke but also to resist attack
12/17/1860 South Carolina governor asks President Buchanan's permission to occupy Fort Sumter with state troops
12/18/1860 South Carolina governor orders militia to patrol Charleston Harbor between Forts Moultrie and Sumter
12/26/1860 Under cover of night in Charleston Harbor, Major Anderson consolidates his forces at Fort Sumter
12/27/1860 Secretary of War Floyd demands that the Cabinet permit withdrawal of federal forces from Charleston
12/27/1860 South Carolina militia occupy Fort Moultrie and Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor
12/29/1860 Secretary of War John B. Floyd of Virginia resigns and is replaced by Postmaster-General Joseph Holt
12/30/1860 Major Anderson requests safe passage for the soldiers' families at Fort Sumter before any attack begins
12/31/1860 Secretary of Navy orders U.S.S. Brooklyn to prepare to sail from Hampton Roads in Virginia
01/01/1861 Governor Pickens declares South Carolina waters, especially Charleston Harbor, off-limits to U. S. vessels
01/05/1861 Chartered steamship sails from New York City bound for Charleston and the resupply of Fort Sumter
01/05/1861 In Charleston, South Carolina, Eliza Anderson pays a surprise visit to her husband at Fort Sumter
01/08/1861 From the capital, Dickinson alumni L. Q. Washington leaks the secret reinforcement of Fort Sumter
01/08/1861 Jacob Thompson of Mississippi resigns as the Buchanan Administration's Secretary of the Interior
01/09/1861 Federal resupply ship for Fort Sumter fired on outside Charleston Harbor and forced to retreat
01/11/1861 In Charleston Harbor, South Carolina authorities formally request the surrender of Fort Sumter
01/19/1861 Fort Sumter commander refuses shipment of fresh produce from South Carolina authorities
01/19/1861 Major Anderson requests safe passage for the women and children of his men at Fort Sumter
02/01/1861 Dependents of the federal forces at Fort Sumter transfer to a waiting steamship for evacuation
02/03/1861 Dependents of the federal forces at Fort Sumter sail for New York from Charleston Harbor
02/13/186105/01/1861 The Virginia Convention on secession is meeting in Richmond
03/05/1861 Jefferson Davis appoints Pierre G.T. Beauregard commanding general of the troops around Fort Sumter
04/05/1861 Confederate diplomats in Washington pass on news of federal military and naval preparations
04/08/1861 President Lincoln gives South Carolina notice that he intends to resupply Fort Sumter
04/10/1861 From Montgomery, the Confederate secretary of war orders immediate action against Fort Sumter
04/11/1861 General Beauregard demands that Major Anderson surrender Fort Sumter immediately
04/12/1861 Beauregard again demands that Major Anderson surrender Fort Sumter immediately
04/12/186104/13/1861 Confederate artillery bombard Fort Sumter
04/12/1861 Off Pensacola, Florida, under cover of night, small boats reinforce the federal garrison at Fort Pickens
04/13/1861 Major Anderson accepts a ceasefire and prepares to evacuate Fort Sumter
04/14/1861 Governor Alexander Ramsey makes Minnesota the first state to pledge its militia to the Union
04/14/1861 Major Anderson and his men evacuate Fort Sumter and sail for New York
04/14/1861 Stephen Douglas meets with Lincoln at the White House and pledges his support
04/15/1861 President Lincoln calls for 75,000 troops to suppress the Rebellion and enforce United States law
04/15/1861 Secretary of War Cameron outlines his quotas of volunteers to state governors
04/15/1861 The governor of North Carolina sends an immediate refusal to provide troops for the Union
04/16/1861 Governor Magoffin of Kentucky refuses troops for "the wicked purpose" of subduing the South
04/16/1861 In Philadelphia, Mayor Alexander proclaims both against treason and popular disorder in the city
04/17/1861 Confederate president invites applications for "letters of Marque and Reprisal"
04/18/1861 Major Anderson and his command arrive in New York Harbor
04/19/1861 Private Edward Galloway, USA, injured at Fort Sumter, dies in hospital in Charleston, South Carolina
04/20/1861 Remarkable gathering of 100,000 New Yorkers in Union Square in support of suppressing the rebellion
04/21/1861 In Pennsylvania, the Carlisle Fencibles are officially mustered in as Pennsylvania Volunteers
04/22/1861 Philadelphia's enlistments since the attack on Fort Sumter approach ten thousand
04/29/1861 The Congress of the Confederate States opens a special session session in Montgomery, Alabama
04/14/1865 In Charleston Harbor, General Robert Anderson re-hoists the United States flag over Fort Sumter