Type Date span Titlesort icon
Crime/Disasters 05/29/1862 Fire in a fireworks factory in Utica, New York kills a worker
Crime/Disasters 11/21/1860 Fire devastates the small New Hampshire town of Laconia
Crime/Disasters 05/13/1860 Fire destroys the north side of the town of Presque Isle, Maine
Crime/Disasters 01/03/1859 Fire destroys the new Catholic Cathedral of Montreal in Canada
Crime/Disasters 12/31/1856 Fire destroys the Medical School Building at the University of Louisville
Crime/Disasters 04/22/1860 Fire destroys the business district of Kenosha, Wisconsin
Crime/Disasters 11/06/1860 Fire destroys shoe factory and the post office in Natick, Massachusetts
Crime/Disasters 05/26/1859 Fire destroys several official buildings in Dubuque, Iowa
Crime/Disasters 11/05/1859 Fire destroys part of central Bath in upstate New York
Crime/Disasters 02/13/186002/14/1860 Fire destroys much of Bridgetown, Barbados
Crime/Disasters 08/16/1860 Fire destroys mills near Philadelphia
Crime/Disasters 08/27/1860 Fire destroys large section of the Turkish port city of Smyna
Crime/Disasters 11/03/1859 Fire destroys large cotton mill in Concord, New Hampshire
Crime/Disasters 01/04/1860 Fire destroys half of the town of Hickman, county seat of Fulton County, Kentucky
Crime/Disasters 01/28/1860 Fire destroys Forbestown in Butte County, California almost completely
Crime/Disasters 01/02/1860 Fire destroys Female College in Hernando, Mississippi
Crime/Disasters 03/10/1862 Fire destroys Euphemia Hall, a female Episcopal school founded and run by a Dickinson College graduate
Crime/Disasters 10/23/185910/24/1859 Fire destroys a large section of New Orleans' thriving Fourth District
Crime/Disasters 05/16/1859 Fire destroys a large part of Key West, Florida with 110 houses burned
Crime/Disasters 08/02/1858 Fire completely destroys the Antwerp Bourse