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Campaigns/Elections 04/21/1863 Democrats take control of Chicago City Council from Unionists in municipal elections
Campaigns/Elections 02/07/1860 Democrats increase their majority in Lancaster, Pennsylvania municipal elections
Campaigns/Elections 04/23/186005/01/1860 Democrats hold their National Convention in Charleston, South Carolina
Campaigns/Elections 01/08/1861 Democrats celebrate "St. Hickory's Day" in honor of Andrew Jackson's victory at New Orleans
Campaigns/Elections 06/18/1860 Democratic National Convention reconvenes in Baltimore
Campaigns/Elections 06/19/1860 Democratic National Convention enters its second day in Baltimore
Campaigns/Elections 06/20/186006/22/1860 Democratic National Convention continues in Baltimore locked in debate over credentials and slavery
Campaigns/Elections 12/19/1860 Democrat defeats incumbent Republican in election for mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/03/1861 Delaware state legislature votes overwhelmingly to stay in the Union
Legal/Political 03/04/1849 Defeated presidential candidate Henry Clay returns to the Senate
Battles/Soldiers 05/08/1863 Decisive French action defeats a Mexican force attempting to resupply the besieged city of Puebla
Foreign 01/01/1858 Decimal currency is adopted in the Province of Canada
Personal 04/12/1862 Death of former New Jersey Senator and Whig vice-presidential candidate Theodore Freylinghuysen
Crime/Disasters 06/08/1860 Deadly tornado touches down in the middle of the night in eastern Kansas
Crime/Disasters 11/16/185911/17/1859 Deadly fire burns overnight in Atlanta, Georgia
Crime/Disasters 03/02/1860 Deadly explosions kill seventy-six miners at a coal mine in northern England
Crime/Disasters 04/22/1863 Deadly earthquake strikes the Greek island of Rhodes, killing hundreds
Crime/Disasters 05/10/1862 Deadly daytime fire devastates residential sections of Troy, New York
Crime/Disasters 03/16/186203/17/1862 Days before its dedication, a new Presbyterian church in Binghampton, New York burns to the ground
Religion/Philosophy 11/09/1855 David Salomons becomes the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London