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Foreign 12/06/1856 Dutch Boers in the Transvaal proclaim independence from Great Britain and form the South African Republic
US/the World 07/09/186007/11/1860 Druse militants massacre thousands of Christians in Damascus
US/the World 06/19/186006/20/1860 Druse militants massacre hundreds of Maronite Christians in Lebanon
Slavery/Abolition 09/17/1858 Dred Scott dies in St. Louis, Missouri
Legal/Political 04/06/1846 Dred and Harriet Scott sue Irene Emerson in the Missouri circuit court at St. Louis
Education/Culture 01/23/1849 Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell receives her medical degree
Battles/Soldiers 05/06/1863 Dozens of New Jersey infantrymen drown in Kentucky while crossing the Cumberland River
Crime/Disasters 04/06/1859 Dozens of miners are drowned when a mine floods in South Wales
US/the World 06/09/1863 Dost Mohammed Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, dies in Herat
Science/Technology 10/10/1858 Donati's Comet passes at its closest to the Earth
US/the World 01/12/186101/13/1861 Don Carlos, pretender to Spain's throne, and his wife die within hours of each other of scarlet fever
Science/Technology 06/10/1860 Doctors of the visiting Japanese Embassy observe an operation using ether in Philadelphia
Crime/Disasters 02/25/1860 Divorce case depositions in Virginia end in a bloody battle leaving three dead
Foreign 05/10/1858 Divorce becomes a little easier in the United Kingdom
Campaigns/Elections 06/04/186006/06/1860 Divided Alabama Democratic Party holds two separate nominating conventions in Montgomery
Religion/Philosophy 07/01/1860 Discussing Italian current affairs, Archbishop Hughes of New York defends the Pope and the Papal States
Crime/Disasters 12/22/1860 Discovery in Washington D.C. of the plundering of more than $700,000 in Indian Trust Funds
Crime/Disasters 03/22/1859 Disastrous earthquake levels the city of Quito in Ecuador and kills 5000 people
Slavery/Abolition 12/12/1859 Dion Boucicault's controversial play about slavery opens at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City
Business/Industry 07/11/1863 Diminutive Norwegian cargo vessel crosses the stormy North Atlantic to deliver goods to Chicago