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US/the World 05/16/1860 Historic Japanese Mission meets in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Secretary of State
Campaigns/Elections 01/14/1861 Hinton Helper's scheduled lecture postponed in New York City due to fears of mob action
Crime/Disasters 06/29/1860 High winds inflict heavy damage on the unfinished Brooklyn Academy of Music, injuring several workers
Crime/Disasters 10/06/1859 High winds devastate the New Hampshire State Fair at Dover, New Hampshire
Crime/Disasters 11/10/1865 Henry Wirz, former commandant of the Andersonville prison camp, is executed in Washington, D.C.
Crime/Disasters 08/23/1865 Henry Wirz, former commandant of the Andersonville prison camp, goes on trial in Washington
Religion/Philosophy 11/17/1863 Henry Ward Beecher's church members welcome him home from a lengthy trip to Europe
Education/Culture 12/25/1863 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow writes his poem "I heard the Bells of Christmas Day"
Business/Industry 11/19/1859 Henry Pope leases his farm in western Pennsylvania for oil exploration
Personal 11/20/1859 Henry McCarty, alias William Bonney, alias "Billy the Kid," is born in New York City
Personal 07/30/1863 Henry Ford, who will transform American industry and transportation, is born on a farm in Michigan
Personal 06/29/1852 Henry Clay dies in Washington
Military/Violent 04/07/1857 Henry A. Crabb and 57 of his followers are executed by a Mexican firing squad
Cultural 11/22/1859 Henrik Ibsen founds the Norwegian Society aimed at the cultural independence of Norway's arts
Crime/Disasters 05/26/1860 Heavy storm floods parts of Oswego, New York causing a train derailment
Crime/Disasters 01/03/185901/04/1859 Heavy snowstorm in New York City and across the north-eastern United States
Crime/Disasters 08/22/186008/23/1860 Heavy rains cause transportation chaos in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey
Crime/Disasters 04/08/186004/11/1860 Heavy rains cause flooding and damage in Pennsylvania and Ohio
Crime/Disasters 05/18/1860 Heavy hail storm destroys crops in north-western Virginia
Crime/Disasters 11/05/1865 Heavy gales ravage cargo ships on Lake Ontario and several are lost