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Crime/Disasters 03/16/186203/17/1862 Days before its dedication, a new Presbyterian church in Binghampton, New York burns to the ground
Religion/Philosophy 11/09/1855 David Salomons becomes the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London
Personal 01/17/1863 David Lloyd George, future British wartime prime minister of Britain, is born in Manchester, England
Science/Technology 09/16/1859 David Livingstone discovers Lake Nyasa in central Africa
Crime/Disasters 12/16/185912/17/1859 Danish Royal Palace at Frederiksborg gutted by fire
Foreign 07/08/1846 Danish King Christian VIII denounces Prussian attempts to foster independence movements in Schleswig and Holstein
Slavery/Abolition 07/02/1848 Danish government plans a ten-year abolition in the Danish West Indies but local slaves demand immediate freedom
US/the World 05/09/1864 Danish and Austrian naval units clash in the North Sea at the Battle of Heligoland
Slavery/Abolition 03/29/186003/30/1860 Daniel Worth convicted of selling Helper's inflammatory anti-slavery book in North Carolina
Slavery/Abolition 12/21/1848 Daniel Gott of New York introduces his resolution to ban slavery in the District of Columbia
Education/Culture 04/04/1859 Daniel Decatur Emmett's "Dixie" premieres in New York City
Personal 06/00/1865 Dana Conway, third son of Moncure Conway, is born in London, England
Campaigns/Elections 02/16/1860 Cumberland, Maryland citizens rally to support their congressman against the Maryland Legislature
Military/Violent 08/24/1851 Cuban adventurer Narciso López departs the United States on an expedition to liberate Cuba
Crime/Disasters 06/10/1859 Crippled clipper ship limps into Valparaiso harbor in Chile after hitting an iceberg
Foreign 03/27/1854 Crimean War begins in earnest, as France declares war on Russia
Foreign 04/14/1859 Courteous Spanish diplomat commits suicide in Blenheim Park in England
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/15/1863 Court martial convicts General Joseph Revere, grandson of the patriot, for his retreat at Chancellorsville
US/the World 04/06/1860 Count Cavour, prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, assures Switzerland over the transfer of Nice to France
Foreign 01/17/1860 Count Cavour recalled as prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia