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Personal 04/15/1858 Emile Durkheim, one of the founders of Sociology, is born in Alsace-Lorraine
Crime/Disasters 10/14/185910/15/1859 Emigrant ship carrying 850 Chinese sinks in the Indian Ocean and all the passengers are lost
Personal 09/21/1861 Emerson Conway, second son of Moncure Conway, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio
Personal 02/16/1857 Elisha Kent Kane, famous Arctic explorer and naval medical officer, dies in Havana
Science/Technology 08/12/1861 Eliphalet Remington, founder of Remington Arms, dies in New York, aged sixty nine years
Cultural 02/06/1859 Elias Disney born in Ontario, Canada
Campaigns/Elections 01/16/1860 Eli Slifer elected to his second term as Pennsylvania State Treasurer
Personal 02/20/1862 Eleven-year old Willie Lincoln, the President's third son, dies of typhoid in the White House
Science/Technology 05/19/1857 Electric fire alarm is patented in Boston
Legal/Political 11/07/1854 Election Day
Crime/Disasters 01/09/1859 Eighty-thousand bushels of rice burn in a Charleston, South Carolina fire
Crime/Disasters 11/11/1860 Eighty omnibus line horses die in massive New York City stable fire
Legal/Political 05/13/185805/14/1858 Eighth National Women's Rights Convention held in New York City
Religion/Philosophy 11/20/1864 Eighteen years after ground was broken, the new Roman Catholic Basilica of Philadelphia is dedicated
Slavery/Abolition 01/04/1860 Eight Ottawa, Illinois residents indicted under the Fugitive Slave Law for assisting a slave escape
Business/Industry 11/01/1852 Efficient telegraph service initiated between London and Paris
Personal 04/05/1860 Edward Warren appointed professor of medicine at University of Maryland Medical School
Education/Culture 03/04/1861 Edward Payson Weston, having walked from Boston, arrives in Washington DC four hours late
Education/Culture 02/22/1861 Edward Payson Weston sets off to walk from Boston to Washington DC to pay off an election bet
Legal/Political 09/08/1851 Edward Gorsuch arrives in Philadelphia seeking warrants for his runaways