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Battles/Soldiers 06/01/1852 French filibuster Gaston Raoul Raousset arrives in the northern Mexican state of Sonora
Education/Culture 11/10/1861 French explorer and anthropologist Henri Mouhot dies of fever in Laos, aged thirty-five
Foreign 05/10/185905/12/1859 French Emperor Napoleon III travels from Paris to Genoa to take command of the French troops in Italy
US/the World 05/03/1859 French Emperor Napoleon III issues his official declaration of war on the Austrian Empire
US/the World 02/25/1861 French and Spanish forces relieve the blockade of Saigon in Cochin-China
Science/Technology 03/26/1859 French amateur astronomer observes a new planet in our solar system
Foreign 09/21/1852 French adventurer Gaston Raousset declares Sonora (Mexico) to be an independent republic
Crime/Disasters 11/18/1859 Freight train derails on a bridge in Indiana and goes into the river killing two crewmen
Campaigns/Elections 05/15/1863 Frederick Douglass speaks at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn
Crime/Disasters 02/25/1860 Freak wind storm hits Cleveland, Ohio
Crime/Disasters 05/10/1862 Freak railroad accident hits Indiana governor's train and kills the state's Superintendent of Instruction
Campaigns/Elections 12/14/1860 Francis Pickens is elected as the new governor of the state of South Carolina
Personal 06/05/1863 Francis Martin Drexell, founder of the Philadelphia banking house, killed in railroad accident
Personal 11/01/1859 Francis Hall arrives in Yokohama, Japan
Personal 06/21/1865 Francis Adeline Seward, wife of the Secretary of State William Seward, dies of a heart attack
US/the World 01/06/186201/08/1862 France, Britain, and Spain land troops at the Mexican port of Vera Cruz to enforce debt payments
Foreign 04/26/1859 France tells Austria war on Piedmont-Sardinia would mean war with France
US/the World 06/05/1862 France forces the Vietnamese officially to cede three valuable provinces in the Treaty of Saigon
Legal/Political 10/06/185310/08/1853 Fourth National Women's Rights Convention held in Cleveland
Crime/Disasters 06/14/186006/16/1860 Fourth national convention of the National Quarantine and Sanitation Association held in Boston