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Battles/Soldiers 04/07/1865 General U.S. Grant, Union commander, contacts Confederate General Robert E. Lee to suggest Lee's surrender
Personal 05/10/1863 General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson dies of his wounds and pneumonia at Guinea Station, Virginia
Battles/Soldiers 05/18/1846 General Taylor's forces occupy Matamoros
Military/Violent 04/26/1846 General Taylor tells Congress that hostilities with Mexicans have commenced
Military/Violent 03/28/1846 General Taylor leads American troops into the disputed border area, across from the Mexican town of Matamoros
Battles/Soldiers 05/09/1846 General Taylor gains celebrity with early victory against Mexicans at Resaca de la Palma
Battles/Soldiers 06/23/1865 General Stand Watie, Cherokee and Confederate cavalryman, becomes the last C.S.A. general to surrender
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/08/1861 General Scott gives assurances of a smooth official counting of the Electoral College votes next week
Battles/Soldiers 05/20/1863 General John Schofield replaces abolitionist General Samuel Curtis in the Department of the Missouri
Battles/Soldiers 07/01/1863 General John Reynolds killed in action within two hours of battle commencing at Gettysburg
Lawmaking/Litigating 08/30/1861 General John C. Fremont declares martial law in Missouri and orders emancipation of slaves in the state
Battles/Soldiers 07/22/1864 General James McPherson, commanding the Union's Army of the Tennessee, is killed at the Battle of Atlanta
Battles/Soldiers 06/05/1863 General J.E.B. Stuart parades his entire cavalry force at a second "Grand Review" in Virginia
Personal 05/13/1864 General J.E.B. Stuart is buried with full honors at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia
Battles/Soldiers 06/12/1863 General Hunter takes his leave after an eventful year as head of the Department of the South
Personal 05/14/1863 General H.G. Berry, Chancellorsville casualty, is buried in his home town of Rockland, Maine
Battles/Soldiers 06/27/1863 General George Meade appointed commander of the Army of the Potomac, replacing Joseph Hooker
Personal 08/01/1863 General George C. Strong, dead of wounds received at Fort Wagner, is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
Battles/Soldiers 09/27/1861 General Frémont consolidates his forces and moves against the Confederate invasion of Missouri with five divisions
Campaigns/Elections 10/11/1859 General elections are held in five states - Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota