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Crime/Disasters 10/23/185910/24/1859 Fire destroys a large section of New Orleans' thriving Fourth District
Crime/Disasters 05/16/1859 Fire destroys a large part of Key West, Florida with 110 houses burned
Crime/Disasters 08/02/1858 Fire completely destroys the Antwerp Bourse
Crime/Disasters 12/29/1859 Fire causes heavy damage in lower New York City
Crime/Disasters 08/12/1859 Fire causes heavy damage in Lawrence, Massachusetts
Crime/Disasters 06/13/1860 Fire burns a cotton press and two thousand bales of cotton in New Orleans
Cultural 12/24/1851 Fire at the U.S. Capitol destroys valuable books and artifacts
Crime/Disasters 08/13/1858 Fire at the Illinois State Prison
Business/Industry 11/21/186011/22/1860 Financial disruption verges on panic and Virginia banks suspend specie payments
Foreign 08/26/1859 Final resistance to the Russian conquest of the Caucasus ends with the capture of Chechen leader Shamil
Education/Culture 11/26/1859 Final installment of Charles Dickens' "The Tale of Two Cities" published in London
Business/Industry 01/14/1858 Figures show that there were more than five thousand bank failures in the United States between December 1856 and December 1857
Crime/Disasters 08/03/1860 Fight between elderly room-mates in the New York City Almshouse results in death
Settlers/Immigrants 01/02/1861 Fifty-six free blacks sail from the United States for a new life as emigrants to Haiti
Legal/Political 10/18/185410/20/1854 Fifth National Women's Rights Convention held in Philadelphia
US/the World 05/23/1863 Ferdinand Lasalle founds the first worker's party in Germany, forerunner of today's Social Democratic Party
Campaigns/Elections 05/12/1860 Female correspondent covers the Chicago Convention of the Republican Party
Foreign 03/13/1858 Felice Orsini and Guiseppe Pieri, unsuccessful assassins of Napoleon III, are executed in Paris
Battles/Soldiers 11/10/1857 Federal troops sent to protect the U.S. Customs House in New York City
Lawmaking/Litigating 09/12/186109/13/1861 Federal troops in Maryland swoop to arrest pro-secession legislators, officials, and newspaper editors