Type Date span Titlesort icon
Foreign 01/27/1859 Future Kaiser Wilhelm II born in Berlin
Personal 08/20/1860 Future French president Raymond Poincaré born in Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine
Foreign 11/03/1852 Future emperor born in Japan
Personal 10/15/1858 Future boxing champion John L. Sullivan born to Irish immigrant parents in Boston
Crime/Disasters 12/20/1859 Fuse cord factory blows up in Simsbury, Connecticut and eight die
Science/Technology 01/15/1862 Full moon shines over eastern United States
Science/Technology 02/14/1862 Full moon
Personal 01/01/1896—06/01/1908 Fulfilling one of her goals, Harriet Tubman opens a home to care for sick and impoverished African Americans
Slavery/Abolition 05/09/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones returned to the South from Massachusetts
Slavery/Abolition 05/08/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones arrives in chains at Hyannis, Massachusetts
Slavery/Abolition 09/13/1858 Fugitive slave John Price arrested in Oberlin, Ohio but freed by a anti-slavery mob in nearby Wellington
Crime/Disasters 04/15/1865 Fugitive John Wilkes Booth rides into Maryland and reaches the farm of Dr. Samuel Mudd at four a.m.
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/31/1864 From the White House in Washington, President Lincoln proclaims Nevada as the Union's 36th state
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/08/1861 From the capital, Dickinson alumni L. Q. Washington leaks the secret reinforcement of Fort Sumter
Battles/Soldiers 04/10/1861 From Montgomery, the Confederate secretary of war orders immediate action against Fort Sumter
Campaigns/Elections 07/29/1860 From Missouri, Carl Schurz writes to his wife of his success in winning German-born voters to the Republican side
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/14/1861 From his bench in New York City, U.S. District Court Judge David Smalley defines high treason
Foreign 03/24/1860 From Germany, the Grand Duke of Tuscany protests the annexation of his province
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/28/1862 Friends of imprisoned Brigadier General Charles Stone seek aid from the Massachusetts Legislature
Foreign 04/26/1859 French troops protecting the Papal State order all demonstrations against the Vatican halted