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US/the World 05/27/186005/29/1860 Garibaldi and his volunteers engage in days of heavy street fighting in Sicily's capital city of Palermo
Battles/Soldiers 05/15/1860 Garibaldi and his thousand volunteers win their first victory on Sicily at Calatafimi
Foreign 05/01/1860 Garibaldi and his thousand volunteers set out on their invasion of Bourbon Sicily
US/the World 05/11/1860 Garibaldi and his thousand volunteers land at the Sicilian port town of Marsala
US/the World 05/09/1860 Garibaldi and his thousand volunteers embark from the Tuscan coast for Sicily
US/the World 08/23/1860 Garibaldi and his men capture thousands of royal troops at Villa San Giovanni
US/the World 08/18/186008/19/1860 Garibaldi and his main force cross from Sicily to invade the Italian mainland
US/the World 09/30/186010/02/1860 Garibaldi and his Italian nationalists inflict final defeat on the Bourbon forces at Battle of Volturno
Legal/Political 03/26/1851 Gap Gang in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, kidnaps older black resident
Crime/Disasters 02/07/1861 Gales and snowstorms ravage the north-eastern United States and Canada
Crime/Disasters 10/27/1856 Gale-force winds pound Lake Michigan
Science/Technology 08/19/1856 Gail Borden receives his patent for the production of commercial condensed milk
Science/Technology 05/14/1853 Gail Borden applies for a patent for the production of commercial condensed milk
US/the World 09/24/1860 Gabriel Garcia Moreno's victory at Battle of Guayaquil ends the civil war in Ecuador
Battles/Soldiers 10/21/1861 Future Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes survives a near-fatal wound at Ball's Bluff
Personal 04/29/1863 Future newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst is born in San Francisco, California
Battles/Soldiers 05/10/1863 Future Michigan Congressman wins the Congressional Medal of Honor at Horseshoe Bend in Kentucky
Education/Culture 02/26/1861 Future leading American soprano Clara Louise Kellogg makes her operatic debut in New York City
Foreign 01/27/1859 Future Kaiser Wilhelm II born in Berlin
Personal 08/20/1860 Future French president Raymond Poincaré born in Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine