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Battles/Soldiers 11/25/1859 Forces of Juan Cortina defeat Texas Rangers and drive them back to Brownsville
Lawmaking/Litigating 04/29/1865 For Christian religious reasons, President Johnson adjusts the day of mourning for Abraham Lincoln to June 1, 1865
Crime/Disasters 09/19/186009/21/1860 Fog and heavy rains afflict New York City and vicinity
Campaigns/Elections 10/01/1860 Florida holds state-wide elections, choosing Breckinridge Democrat John Milton as governor
Battles/Soldiers 01/12/1861 Florida and Alabama militias seize the Pensacola Navy Yard and Fort Barracas
US/the World 06/24/1860 Florence Nightingale opens her school for female nurses at St. Thomas's Hospital in London
Foreign 11/04/1854 Florence Nightingale and a group of 38 British nurses arrive in Constantinople
Crime/Disasters 06/14/1858 Floods ravage Cairo, Illinois
Crime/Disasters 06/12/1858 Floods in Baltimore
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/05/1865 Fleeing Confederate President Jefferson Davis arrives with his cabinet and family in Washington, Georgia
Crime/Disasters 09/22/1859 Flash flooding in eastern Pennsylvania causes loss of life and damage to property
Crime/Disasters 03/01/1859 Five newspaper offices burn in Memphis, Tennessee fire
Crime/Disasters 07/16/1858 Five killed in Erie Railroad accident in upstate New York
Education/Culture 09/28/1860 Five gold prospectors climb Mount St. Helens in Washington Territory
Foreign 05/01/1859 Five Austrian army corps have crossed into Piedmont and occupy large areas north of the Po River
Education/Culture 04/29/1854 First university for African-Americans incorporated in Pennsylvania
Religion/Philosophy 02/22/1858 First Sunday in Lent
Religion/Philosophy 02/26/1860 First Sunday in Lent
Science/Technology 02/10/1856 First Sunday in Lent
Religion/Philosophy 02/25/1855 First Sunday in Lent