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Religion/Philosophy 05/26/1853 Corpus Christi celebrated
Religion/Philosophy 06/19/1851 Corpus Christi celebrated
Religion/Philosophy 06/10/1852 Corpus Christi celebrated
Battles/Soldiers 09/14/186009/15/1860 Corps of Engineers begin repairs to defenses of Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter in South Carolina
US/the World 05/03/1860 Coronation in Stockholm of Charles XV as King of Sweden and Norway
US/the World 07/17/1860 Cornerstone for the new Queen's Hospital laid in Honolulu, Hawaii
Cultural 09/23/1853 Cornelius Vanderbilt's North Star returns from its round the world journey
Cultural 05/21/1853 Cornelius Vanderbilt sets out in his yacht to circumnavigate the world
Education/Culture 01/26/1860 Cornelius Conway Felton unanimously elected as new President of Harvard University
Education/Culture 07/19/1860 Cornelius Conway Felton inaugurated as new President of Harvard University
Cultural 04/29/1851 Cooper Union founded in New York City
US/the World 07/30/1860 Convention signed in Sicily for the evacuation of royal forces from the island
Campaigns/Elections 05/15/1860 Controversial nominee for District Attorney of California confirmed in the U.S. Senate on party lines
US/the World 08/09/186008/11/1860 Continuing his North American tour, the Prince of Wales is in Charlottetown on Prince Edward's Island
Business/Industry 02/16/1860 Continental Hotel, biggest in the land, opens for business in Philadelphia
Campaigns/Elections 03/27/1860 Constitutional Union Party begins its presidential campaign in Boston
Foreign 03/16/1851 Conservatives in Spain reestablish Catholicism as the state religion
Campaigns/Elections 04/04/1860 Conservative Republican defeats the official Republican nominee in race for Rhode Island governor
Campaigns/Elections 02/15/1860 Connecticut Democratic Convention nominates relectant Thomas Seymour for Governor
Personal 12/09/1860 Congressman John Sherman urges his brother William to return to Ohio from Louisiana