Thaddeus Stevens to John McClintock, August 2, 1847

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    George R. Crooks, The Life and Letters of the Rev. John M'Clintock, D.D., LL.D., Late President of Drew Theological Seminary (New York: Nelson & Phillips, 1876), 168.
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    LeAnn Fawver, Dickinson College
    Adapted by Meg Allen, Dickinson College
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    Lancaster, Aug. 2, 1847.

    Dear Sir:-On my return home I find so large a number of suits in which I am concerned on the trial list for the fourth Monday of August, that I fear it will be out of my power to be at your court that week. I felt a great desire to aid in the trial because of certain principles which I thought ought to be maintained before the juries of this country in all similar cases. But I confess I feel the wish to be engaged in your defence somewhat abated since I have seen the declaration of your principles and views as promulgated by the trustees and president of your college, as I fear the stand which I should take (on inalienable rights and the Declaration of Independence) would conflict with those views, and the views of other counsel, and might injure your institution. I fear I could not repress my feelings within what your trustees would deem prudence, although I doubt not with a fair jury such a bold and true course would insure your acquittal. But your case is in able hands, and will not suffer by my absence. With great respect,

    Thaddeus Stevens

    Prof. M'Clintock

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