New York Times, "The Re-election of Mr. Sumner," January 13, 1857

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    “The Re-election of Mr. Sumner,” New York Times, January 15, 1857, p. 1: 6.
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    Boston (MA) Journal
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    New York Daily Times
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    The Re-election of Mr. Sumner
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    Meghan Allen, Dickinson College
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    The Re-election of Mr. Sumner.


    From the Boston Journal, 13th

    We take pleasure in stating that the Senate, in concurrence with the House, this forenoon reelected HON. CHARLES SUMNER as United States Senator for the six years commencing on the 4th of March next. Every member was in his seat, and Mr. Sumner received every vote.

    The circumstances connected with the selection of CHARLES SUMNER are in marked contrast with those which attended his first election. The long struggle which preceded his election for the first term will be remembered by all of our readers who have taken an interest in the politics of the State. After months of intrigue and contention, MR. SUMNER was elected on the twenty-sixth ballot, by a majority of only one vote. Now he has been chosen by both branches with unparalleled unanimity.

    It would be idle to start that this result is attributable to a new light which has broken in upon the people of Massachusetts with regard to the extreme views which MR. SUMNER has heretofore advocated. On the contrary, other able statesmen might have been selected who would more nearly represent the sentiments of the people of Massachusetts upon many of the questions which are discussed in the United States Senate. But Massachusetts can never hesitate to recognize and reward the faithfulness of her public servants and the more especially when they have suffered in her behalf. Minor differences of opinion have not been weighed against a sense of the dignity of the State and of what was due to its representatives. The reelection of MR. SUMNER marks her appreciation of his faithfulness in the discharge of his duties and of his fearless defence of her free principles, while the unprecedented unanimity which has attended that election is an emphatic condemnation of the cowardly and brutal assault of which he was made a victim. It may be said with truth that Mr. SUMNER goes back to the Senate with the sympathy and support of the whole people of Massachusetts.

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