(Jackson) Mississippian, “Kansas in the Senate,” May 23, 1860

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    “Kansas in the Senate,” (Jackson) Mississippian, May 23, 1860, p. 1: 3.
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    Philadelphia (PA) Press
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    Jackson Mississippian
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    Kansas in the Senate
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    KANSAS IN THE SENATE. – The Committee on Territories, in the Senate, will report the House bill to admit Kansas into the Union without any recommendation. Of course, Senator Green and the Administration men will oppose it. Judge Douglas has never attended the Committee on Territories since the secessionists degraded him from his post as chairman. When the bill comes before the Senate he will do all he can to carry it through. --- Philadelphia Press.

    Hence it appears by the statement of this Squatter Sovereignty organ, that Douglas having united with the Black Republicans in keeping Kansas out of the Union, when she applied with a regularly formed pro-slavery constitution, will maintain his consistency by voting with the Black Republicans to admit Kansas, with her illegally formed antislavery constitution. And this is the man that the squatter sovereignty Democracy of the North-west, and the abolitionized democracy of New England, with a few miserable renegades in the South, are trying to force upon the Democracy of the slave-holding States as a candidate for the Presidency.

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