New England

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    Containing Unit
    Date Title
    Debate Over Increase of the Army, House of Representatives, January 9, 1847
    New York Herald, “Mr. Clay's Compromise, and the Cabinet,” February 1, 1850
    New York Herald, “The Kansas Question and the Anti-Slavery Disorganizers,” May 15, 1855
    New Orleans (LA) Picayune, "Runaways in Canada," August 9, 1856
    New York Times, “The Convention of the Southern New School Presbyterians,” August 31, 1857
    New York Times, “Another Failure,” September 11, 1857
    New York Times, “Mormonism in the East,” September 19, 1857
    New York Times, "The Missing Walker," December 14, 1857
    Fayetteville (NC) Observer, "Bad State of Things," September 20, 1858
    New York Herald, “The Present Congress and the Next President,” January 17, 1859
    Charleston (SC) Mercury, “A Hand Writing on the Wall,” March 11, 1859
    Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, “Convention of Colored Citizens,” August 2, 1859
    New York Times, “The Slave Trade,” August 10, 1859
    Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “The Slave Trade at the North,” August 11, 1859
    Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “What is thought at the North of the New Ultimatum,” August 15, 1859
    Richmond (VA) Dispatch, “The Madness of Brown,” October 25, 1859
    Boston (MA) Liberator, "Bad News for the Abolitionists," November 11, 1859
    New York Times, “The Senatorial Inquisition,” February 11, 1860
    Raleigh (NC) Register, “How Firmly United the Democracy Are,” February 22, 1860
    New York Herald, “Northern White Slaves and Southern Black Ones,” March 4, 1860
    Newark (OH) Advocate, “Waking Up to Their Danger,” April 20, 1860
    New York Herald, “Extraordinary Activity of the Slave Trade,” May 22, 1860
    (Jackson) Mississippian, “Kansas in the Senate,” May 23, 1860
    George Ashmun to Abraham Lincoln, June 18, 1860
    Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, "Who Are For Disunion?," August 8, 1860
    New York Herald, “Massachusetts Thoroughly Abolitionized,” September 7, 1860
    New York Herald, “Coercion Symptoms in the West and North-West,” January 15, 1861
    Alexander J. Sessions to Abraham Lincoln, April 16, 1861
    Charleston (SC) Mercury, “Lying Dexterity,” May 14, 1861
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