Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “Stop Quarreling,” May 30, 1860

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    “Stop Quarreling,” Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, May 30, 1860, p. 2: 1.
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    Chicago Press and Tribune
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    Stop Quarreling
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Now that it is settled that the Seward men and the Fillmore men of New York support LINCOLN and HAMLIN, almost without exception, and for the sole purpose of putting an honest man in the place of James Buchanan, let us exhort them to cease their criminations and recriminations, and go heartily to work for the ticket. If they must quarrel, ample time for that will be afforded after the election is over. What say the Albany Evening Journal, the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser and Albany Statesman to this advice?

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