Edwin V. Sumner to John G. Nicolay, January 7, 1861

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    Edwin V. Sumner to John G. Nicolay, January 7, 1861, St Louis, MO, Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress, http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/alhtml/malhome.html.
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    Transcribed by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
    Adapted by Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The following transcript has been adapted from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.

    St Louis Mo
    Jan 7 / 61.

    Dear Sir
    I have received your note of the 4th inst.--

    The political excitement is becoming so intense, that a feeling of personal hostility, and bitterness, is increasing every day.

    I have heard of threats against Mr Lincoln, and of bets being offered that he would never be inaugurated.-- I know very well that he is not the man to live in fear of assassination; but when the safety of the whole country depends upon his life, I would respectfully suggest to him, whether it would not be well to give this matter some attention.-- It has occurred to me that if any such attempt should be made, it would most likely be made at Springfield. Mr Lincolns habit of walking about alone at night, gives an opportunity to make the attempt, with a good chance of escaping detection.-- I would respectfully urge him to carry such arms about him, when walking alone at night, as will make him secure against any crazy fanatics.

    I am very truly yours

    E V Sumner
    Col U S A

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