Civil War Spies

Date Event
In snowy Washington, imprisoned spy Rose Greenhow meets with the Commission on Political Prisoners
In Georgia, Union infiltrators commandeer a Confederate train and initiate the "Great Locomotive Chase"
In Georgia, the leader of the Union raid on the Confederate rail system is captured
In Richmond, Virginia, Union agent Timothy Webster becomes the first spy executed during the war
In Atlanta, James J. Andrews is executed for his role as leader of the raid on the Georgia rail system
In Atlanta, seven Union raiders from the failed attack on the Georgia rail system are hanged as spies
In Atlanta, the captured Union raiders from the failed attack on the Georgia rail system stage a mass escape
- In Tennessee, daring Confederate spy mission fails and two are tried and hanged
In Little Rock, Arkansas, seventeen year-old David Dodd is hanged as a spy on the grounds of his old school
- Union spy Elizabeth Van Lew risks her life to shelter escaping Union officers in her Richmond home
In Louisville, Kentucky, captured Confederate guerrilla M. Jerome Clarke, rumored to be "Sue Mundy," is executed for murder
In New York Harbor, convicted Confederate spy and New York City arsonist Captain Robert Cobb Kennedy is executed
In New Bern, North Carolina, a reported Confederate attempt to destroy the city by arson fails
The U.S. Supreme Court decides "Ex Parte Milligan" in favor of the plaintiffs and orders them released
In Columbus, Ohio, Lambdin P. Milligan walks free after almost two years in prison
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