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An annular eclipse of the Sun is visible over Europe and much of Asia and Africa. Science/Technology
At Bombay, the first British troops leave India for Africa to carry out the invasion of Abyssinia. Battles/Soldiers
At the siege of Lucknow, William Hall becomes the first black man to win the Victoria Cross Battles/Soldiers
British troops defeat Sikh forces at Chilianwala Foreign
British troops defeat the Sikh army at the Battle of Aliwal in northern India Foreign
East India Company rule in India ends and the Crown takes sole authority over British possessions on the sub-continent Foreign
- Emigrant ship carrying 850 Chinese sinks in the Indian Ocean and all the passengers are lost Crime/Disasters
Great Britain and the Sikh kingdom sign the Treaty of Lahore Foreign
Great Britain annexes the Sikh kingdom of northern India US/the World
Great Britain replaces the East India Company as the official ruler of India and ends the Indian Mutiny Foreign
In British India, Lord Elgin arrives in Calcutta to take up his duties as Viceroy US/the World
In London, a relief fund is launched for hundreds of thousands starving in north-west India US/the World
New warship Sacramento launched at the Portsmouth Navy Yard in eastern Maine Battles/Soldiers
Prayers of thanksgiving made in all British churches for the success in putting down the Indian Mutiny Religion/Philosophy
Queen Victoria is proclaimed throughout India as Queen; Lord Canning is to be the first Viceroy of India Foreign
Sepoy Revolt triggers the Indian Mutiny against British rule Battles/Soldiers
Tatya Tope, one of the last leaders of the Indian Rebellion, is captured in north central India Foreign
The British court-martial Tatya Tope, one of the last leaders of the Indian Rebellion to be captured Foreign
The British execute Tatya Tope, one of the last and most intrepid leaders of the Indian Rebellion to be captured Foreign
Underwater telegraph line down the Red Sea from Suez to Aden is completed Science/Technology
Name Type
Calcutta, India Nation
Delhi, India City or Town
Kanpur, India City or Town
Kashmir, India State or Province
Punjab, India State or Province
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