Annapolis, MD

ANNAPOLIS CITY, capital of Maryland, and seat of justice of Anne Arundel county, is situated on the south west bank of Severn river, three miles from its entrance into Chesapeake bay, 20 miles southeast of Baltimore, and 40 miles from Washington. Though located favorably enough for commerce, on a good harbor, the tide of trade and prosperity is drawn too strongly toward Baltimore to allow it to flourish as vigorously as it otherwise might.... The population in 1810, was about 2,000; in 1820, 2,260; in 1830, 2,623; in 1840, 2,792; in 1850, 3,011. (Fanning's, 1853)
    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    Governor Hicks refuses to call the Maryland legislature to hear the Mississippi secession commissioner Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Annapolis, the Maryland Legislature elects Reverdy Johnson as United States Senator Campaigns/Elections
    In Annapolis, Unionist Augustus Bradford is sworn in as the 32nd Governor of Maryland Campaigns/Elections
    - In the Chesapeake Bay, Confederate boarders seize a civilian transport ship and flee to the Virginia shore Battles/Soldiers
    In the Potomac Estuary, scores of soldiers drown after a midnight collision between steamships Crime/Disasters
    - Maryland Democrats meet in Baltimore to protest the state's restrictive voter registration law Campaigns/Elections
    Maryland Legislature censures Congressman Henry Winter Davis for voting for Pennington Campaigns/Elections
    - Marylanders in sympathy with the South burn railroad bridges linking Philadelphia with Washington DC Battles/Soldiers
    Midshipman William Barker Cushing writes of "the huge weight of the crisis" on the U.S. Naval Academy Battles/Soldiers
    President Buchanan visits the British liner Great Eastern, anchored in Chesapeake Bay Business/Industry
    Roger Taney enters the Maryland senate Personal
    Stringent Sunday "blue laws" come into effect across the state of Maryland. Lawmaking/Litigating
    The U. S. Naval Academy graduates its first four year class Cultural
    U.S. Naval Academy opens as a four year institution Education/Culture
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