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Date Title Type
Carlisle (PA) Herald and Expositor, "A Bid for the South!," September 8, 1847 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) Herald and Expositor, "James Buchanan at Home," September 8, 1847 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “What the Hagerstown Papers Say,” September 9, 1847 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) Herald, "Sentence of the Rioters," September 8, 1847 Newspaper
Charge of the Court (Excerpt) Newspaper
The American Star Newspaper
To the Public Newspaper
Raleigh (NC) Register, “Hon. David Wilmot in Poughkeepsie,” November 3, 1847 Newspaper
Proceedings of Court Newspaper
Louisville (KY) Journal, "Negro Stealing," December 14, 1847 Newspaper
New York Herald, "The Fugitive Slave," December 30, 1847 Newspaper
Charleston (SC) Mercury, "Fugitive Slaves," January 10, 1848 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln, Speech in United States House of Representatives: The War with Mexico, January 12, 1848 Speech
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, February 2, 1848 Miscellaneous
Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln, Washington, DC, April 16, 1848 Letter
Mary B. Thomas to William Still, April 19, 1848 Letter
War vs. Schools Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to William Herndon, June 12, 1848 Letter
Abraham Lincoln to William Herndon, Washington, DC, July 10, 1848 Letter
Spencer Fullerton Baird, Report of the Curator of the Musuem, July 11, 1848 Miscellaneous