Proceedings of Court

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    “Proceedings of Court,” Herald & Expositor, Carlisle, PA, 17 November 1847, p. NOT
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    Carlisle (PA) Herald & Expositor
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    Proceedings of the Court
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    Meghan Rafferty
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    Proceedings of Court—The court of Quarter Sessions and Common Please, for this county, has been in session since Monday of Last week. The cases have not been of any unusual interest.
    The several colored persons indicted for participation in the slave riot of June last, were all discharged, the prosecution being abandoned by the Commonwealth. A case which excited considerable interest last week, was the trial of three individuals, indicted on a charge of kidnapping. The offence, as stated by the prosecutor, a colored man, was an aggravated one, he having been attacked by these individuals on one of the public roads near Mechanicsburg, and the attempt made to carry him off by force. He, however, succeeded in escaping from them, and secreted himself in a corn-field until midnight, when he returned to Carlisle. It was alleged for the defense that there was no [illegible] of taking him off without proving him to be a fugitive slave. The doubt of a real intention to kidnap seemed to prevail with the jury, who after being out from Thursday evening to Saturday morning, brought in a verdict acquitting the prisoners of the charges of kidnapping, but guilty of an assault and battery.
    The Court is still in session. We may be able to prospect a full report in our next.
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