The American Star

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    "The American Star," The American Star, September 20, 1847, p. 3.
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    The American Star
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    The American Star
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    THE AMERICAN STAR. - Again we salute our friends under our old head. From Matamoros to this point have we followed up the victories won by our indomitable soldiers, and at each stopping place have endeavored to amuse their idle hours by regaling them with the news of the day. In presenting them with this our first number from the capital city of the republic, we must take the occasion to say to our valiant army - you have done well - done nobly, - and convinced the world that though we are a peace-loving nation we are no strangers to the arts and sciences of war. Like our fathers of the revolution, we have come from the shop and plough, and buffeted the billows of war like veteran troops. With what pride can we then can call ourselves Americans! and American soldiers! and when the storm of war has blown over, and we return to our own dear homes, how beautiful will be the gratitude bestowed upon us by our countrymen!
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