Southampton, England

    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    An experimental survival raft arrives in Southampton Water after a forty-three Atlantic crossing from New York. Science/Technology
    Artemus Ward, Abraham Lincoln's favorite humorist, dies of tuberculosis while on tour in England Personal
    At Beaufort, North Carolina, Confederate commerce raider Nashville returns home Battles/Soldiers
    Captain of the giant steamship Great Eastern drowns in a boating accident Crime/Disasters
    German steamship bound from Hamburg to New York burns at sea with heavy loss of life Crime/Disasters
    In Southampton harbor, the Confederate warship Nashville dips its flag in mourning for Prince Albert US/the World
    In southern England, the Confederate commerce raider Nashville docks for repairs in the port of Southampton US/the World
    In the Atlantic, the Confederate commerce raider Nashville burns the U.S. merchantman Harvey Birch Battles/Soldiers
    In the English port of Southampton, sailors from Confederate and Union warships brawl in a pub Battles/Soldiers
    In the English port of Southampton, the Confederate warship Nashville enters dry-dock for repairs US/the World
    The Confederate commerce raider Nashville runs the blockade at Charleston and heads for the North Atlantic Battles/Soldiers
    The Confederate commissioners Mason and Slidell finally arrive in England US/the World
    The private British steam yacht "Deerhound" lands rescued survivors of the raider "Alabama" at Southampton Battles/Soldiers
    The U.S.S. Tuscarora moors in Southampton Water, a mile from the Confederate commerce Nashville US/the World
    U.S. Post Office opens its contract ocean mail mail service to Europe Business/Industry
    Watched by the U.S.S. Tuscarora, the Confederate warship Nashville sails from Southampton US/the World
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