Arsenel Received

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Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin, ed. The Life and Letters of John Brown, Liberator of Kansas,and Martyr of Virginia. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1885, p. 368.
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Meghan Allen
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BOSTON, Jan. 7, 1857.

Received of George L. Stearns, Chairman of the Massachusetts Kansas Aid Committee, an order on Edward Clark, Esq., of Lawrence, K.T., for two hundred Sharpe’s rifles, carbine, with four thousand ball cartridges, thirty-one thousand military caps, and six iron ladles,--the same to be delivered to said committee, or to their order, on demand. It being further understood and agreed that I (am at liberty to distribute one hundred of the carbines, and to use the ammunition for maintain the cause of freedom in Kansas and in the United States, and that such distribution and use shall be considered a delivery to said committee). [Have authority to use one hundred of the carbines, and all ammunition, as I may think the interest of Kansas require. Keeping an account of my doings]; and that such delivery and use shall be considered as such delivery.

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