Dred Scott Free At Last

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    "Dred Scott Free At Last," Memphis (TN) Appeal, May 29, 1857, p. 2.


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    St. Louis (MO) News
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    Memphis (TN) Appeal
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    Dred Scott Free At Last
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    DRED SCOTT FREE AT LAST - HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY EMANCIPATED. - This morning, Taylor Blow, Esq., appeared in the Circuit Court, and entered the emancipation of Dred Scott, his wife Harriet, and his two daughters Eliza and Jane. The persons thus liberated were conveyed to Mr. Blow by their owner, Hon. Mr. Chaffee, of Massachusetts, for the purpose, as the law of this State on the subject requires, that the emancipation shall be performed by a citizen of Missouri. Dred Scott was originally a slave of Capt. Peter Blow who brought him to this State from Virginia, and the act of liberation was therefore appropriately performed in the name of one of his master's family. Taylor Blow is one of our heat citizens, and is one of "them boys" whom Dred says he was "raised" with. - St. Louis News.
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