New York Times, "Freshet in the Susquehanna River," February 10, 1857

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    “Freshet in the Susquehanna River,” New York Times, February 10, 1857, p. 1: 2.
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    New York Daily Times
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    Freshet in the Susquehanna River
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    Meghan Allen, Dickinson College
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    Freshet in the Susquehanna River.

    HARRISBURG, Pa., Monday, Feb. 9.

    There is a flood in the Susquehanna. The ice is gorged four miles below this city, and is piled upon the railroad some ten or fifteen feet high. The trains are, or course, suspended both ways. It is reported that a couple of bridges over the Juniata have been swept away, together with several pieces of the Cumberland Valley Bridge. An enormous destruction of property is threatened.

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