Stephen Arnold Douglas (Carr, 1909)

Clark E. Carr, Stephen A. Douglas: His Life, Public Services, Speeches and Patriotism (Chicago: A.C. McClurg & Co., 1909), 2.
Within ten years after that friendless boy [Douglas] walked into that town [Winchester, Illinois], he had been admitted to the bar, immediately becoming a successful lawyer; had been a member of the Illinois Legislature; had been Prosecuting Attorney; had been Register of the Land Office at Springfield; had been Secretary of State of Illinois; had been a Judge of the Supreme Court of Illinois, presiding upon the bench; and was on his way to Washington to take his seat in the Lower House of Congress, to which position he had been elected. When the Congressional term expired he was reelected, and then reelected again, each time by increased majorities. When about to enter upon his third term in the Lower House of Congress he was elected to the United States Senate for six years. When that term in the Senate expired he was reelected for another term practically without opposition. Six years later he was confronted by Abraham Lincoln in the great debates; he was victorious, and was reelected to a third term; upon this he served but little more than two years, when he died, at forty-eight years of age.
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