Letter from R.M.T. Hunter to William Lamb, August 23, 1857

    Source citation
    Hunter, R. M. T., to William Lamb, Lloyds, VA, 23 August 1857. As printed in
    Correspondence of Robert M.T. Hunter, 1826-1876, Vol. 2, ed. Charles Henry Ambler. American Historical Association Annual Report, 1916, p. 219-220.
    Author (from)
    R.M.T Hunter
    Recipient (to)
    Lamb, William
    Date Certainty
    Meghan Fralinger
    Transcription date
    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print.  Spelling and typographical errors have been preserved as in the original. 


    LLOYDS, ESSEX CO., [VA.]. August 23, 1857

    DEAR SIR: I recognize in your letter in a friendly spirit and I answer you with the same feeling. But my answer is for yourself alone, not for publications or to become the subject of public allusion. I have never said or done anything against the administration nor have I any hostile feelings towards it. On the contrary I wish it success. What possible interest could I have in breaking it down or dividing the party? Nor am I responsible for the course of any newspaper. I do not see their editorials until after they are published nor am I consulted in regard to them. No one speaks for me. I am responsible for my own sayings and for nothing further. Nor do I feel called upon to criticize the course of the newspapers. If I have to commence with this there would be no end to it during the residue of my public life. In conclusion I must repeat the request that this letter is to be considered strictly private.

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