Mary Ann Day Brown, visting Harpers Ferry (Wilson, 1918)

Hill Peebles Wilson, John Brown, Soldier of Fortune: A Critique (Boston: The Cornhill Company, 1918), 392.
From the home of Mr. J. M. McKim, in Philadelphia, November 21st, Mrs. Brown addressed a letter to the Governor asking for the "mortal remains of my husband and his sons'' for burial, to which he replied as follows:

I am happy, Madam, that you seem to have the wisdom and virtue to appreciate my position of duty. Would to God that "public considerations could avert his doom," for The Omniscient knows that I take not the slightest pleasure in the execution of any whom the laws condemn. May He have mercy on the erring and the afflicted. Enclosed is an order to Major Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro, in command at Charlestown, Va. to deliver to your order, the mortal remains of your husband "when all shall be over"; to be delivered to your agent at Harper's Ferry; and if you attend the reception in person, to guard you sacredly in your solemn mission.

With Tenderness and Truth,
I am Very respectfully, your humble servant,


Under the authority of this letter, Mrs. Brown, in company with Mrs. McKim and Mr. Hector Tyndale arrived at Harper's Ferry, November 30th. There she received a telegram from the Governor giving her permission to visit her husband, alone, on the following day, stipulating that she return to Harper's Ferry the same evening.
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