Mr. Calhoun's Speech

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    "Mr. Calhoun's Speech," Charleston (SC) Mercury, March 5, 1850, p. 2.
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    Charleston (SC) Mercury
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    Mr. Calhoun's Speech
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    Washington March 4, 4 p.m.

    Mr. CALHOUN was in his seat in the Senate to-day, and the Chamber was crowded in every part. Mr. C’s speech was read by Mr. MASON, one of the Senators from Virginia, and it was listened to with the deepest attention. It declared that the Union was in danger, and the danger was caused by the destruction of the equilibrium between the North and the South. The South must be assured that she can remain in the Union in safety and peace. The Union cannot be saved by the project of Mr. CLAY, nor by the evasion of the Wilmot Proviso by admitting California. The Union can be saved by an amendment to the Constitution, which will secure the rights of the South. The Union can be saved by giving the South an equal share of the common domain, and by restoring fugitive slaves to their owners. The South has no compromises to offer. The question cannot be settled unless it is settled at this session of Congress. It is time to decide. If we cannot settle it, let us separate in peace. The admission of California, and the manner of her admission, into the Union, will be the test.

    Mr. WEBSTER will speak on Thursday.
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