Amesbury, Massachusetts (Hayward)

John Hayward, "New York," Gazetteer of the United States of America.... (Philadelphia: James L. Gihon, 1854), 269.
Amesbury, Ms., Essex co. On the N. side of Merrimac River, separated from Salisbury by Powow River, a stream navigable for some distance for vessels of 300 tons. A pond, covering about 1000 acres, back of the town, 90 feet above the sea, serves as a reservoir for a constant and extensive water power. That part of the town called "The Mills" is at the lower falls of the Powow. The river here is about 2 rods in width, and is crossed by several bridges. The views from Whittier, Bear, and Pond Hills are delightful. At the W. end of the town are two flourishing villages, with a small stream, noted for salmon. 40 miles N. E. from Boston, and 6 miles N. W. from Newburyport, with which it communicates by the Salisbury Branch Railroad. Celebrated for its flannels, and other woollen goods.
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