Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, “The Marshall’s Posse,” February 12, 1859

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    “The Marshall’s Posse,” Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, February 12, 1859, p. 2: 5.
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    Atchison Freedom’s Champion
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    The Marshall’s Posse
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    THE MARSHALL’S POSSE. – Several publications have recently been made in the papers of the Territory in relation to some of the citizens of Atchison turning out to aid in arresting “old John Brown.” To set right the minds of any who might be misled by these paragraphs, we would state that if any one supposes there is any feeling or excitement here in regard to the matter, he is mistaken ; or if any one imagines there was anything political connected with this affair, they are deceived.

    The whole matter is simply this: The Marshal sent a written summons to Atchison, for help to arrest Old Brown. The message arrived on Sunday, and on the spur of the moment several turned out, and went solely with the view of assisting the Marshal in executing any process he might have. The expedition did not turn out very profitable to the Atchison boys, and they and some others who were there think the Marshall was not the man to send on such an expedition.

    The above is the whole story, and there is nothing political or excitable about it. Peace and good will prevail here, and there are no hard feelings or bickerings among our citizens. We discuss political and other questions cooly and calmly, and our citizens are determined, let others do as they may, to have peace. We hope our neighboring towns will not become jealous of our peace and prosperity, and attempt to throw fire brands among us. We are too busy building up our town to quarrel among ourselves.

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