Ripley (OH) Bee, “Our Utah Army,” March 5, 1859

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    “Our Utah Army,” Ripley (OH) Bee, March 5, 1859, p. 1: 6.
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    Cincinnati (OH) Commercial
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    Ripley Bee
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    Our Utah Army
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Our Utah Army.

    Our Army in Utah is costing the country at the rate of nearly five millions of dollars per annum, and is doing no good whatever. It does not even cause Federal authority to be respected within gunshot of the camp. It does not vindicate a single law. Brigham Young is still monarch of the valley; his tyranny has not abated in the least. The Governor sent out to supersede him, is a cypher. The Indians are troublesome as they always have been. The contractors in the transport service are [making enormous?] fortunes, and the Mormons find Camp Floyd a market which is a mine of coined gold to them. And here is the sum total of our Utah expedition. The Federal Judges, unable to enforce the laws, are about to return home. – [Cin. Com.

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