New York, Government (Hayward)

John Hayward, Gazetteer of the United States of America… (Philadelphia: James L. Gihon, 1854), 110.
Government. — By the constitution adopted as amended in October, 1846, a plurality of the popular vote elects the governor and lieutenant governor, who are chosen for two years. The people also choose in like manner, and for the same term of service, a secretary of state, treasurer, comptroller, attorney general, state engineer, and surveyor. Three canal commissioners and three inspectors of prisons are also elected by the people, to serve for three years each, one to retire every year, upon the principle of rotation. The legislature comprises a Senate and House of Assembly. There are 32 senatorial districts, each entitled to one senator, who serves two years. The House of Assembly consists of 128 members, apportioned among the several counties according to population, and elected annually. Every white male citizen, 21 years of age, a resident for one year next preceding an election, ten days a citizen of the state, four months a resident of the county, and thirty days of the district, is entitled to the right of suffrage, without other qualification. Colored persons, to be entitled to that right, must have resided three years within the state, and owned and paid taxes on a freehold worth $250 for one year next preceding an election.
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