New York Herald, “The Sickles Tragedy,” March 12, 1859

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    “The Sickles Tragedy – The Opinions of the Religious Press,” New York Herald, March 12, 1859, p. 4: 3.
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    New York Observer
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    New York Herald
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    The Sickles Tragedy – The Opinions of the Religious Press
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    THE SICKLES TRAGEDY – THE OPINIONS OF THE RELIGIOUS PRESS. – The religious newspapers all seem to agree about the recent tragedy in Washington. We have heretofore published the opinions of several of them. The following is the verdict of the New York Observer:

    The daily press is discussing the right and wrong of the affair, some defending one party and others condemning; but the Christian judgment is, that a scoundrel died like a dog by the hand of a murderer. There is no need of mincing the matter, or writing long columns to determine which was the most guilty. The wretch deserved God’s wrath and curse, and has it. It was not the right of man, even of a wronged and ruined man, to inflict the judgment. But it came, swift, terrible and true. Its lesson will be wholesome.

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