Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, “The Utah Rebellion,” June 16, 1859

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    “The Utah Rebellion,” Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, June 16, 1859, p. 2: 1.
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    Milwaukee Daily Sentinel
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    The Utah Rebellion
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Utah Rebellion.

    The Utah difficulties are by no means ended. The latest advices from the Territory represent the Mormons as more rebellious and intolerant than they were before the U. S. troops were stationed there. This is, no doubt, the result, in a great measure, of Gov. CUMMING’S outrageous conduct in calling out the Mormon militia to “defend the people,” as he called it, “against the usurpations of the judiciary.” He has now the complete control of the Army, as the Administration decided in his favor, and rebuked Judges SINCLAIR and CRADLEBAUGH, for invoking the aid of the U. S. troops to assist in arresting and bringing to justice Mormon offenders. The Governor now finds it no easy task, however, to disperse the Mormon forces which he himself called out. New military companies were being organized amongst the “Saints,” and plans being arranged for open resistance to the Federal authorities.

    Gov. CUMMING issued a proclamation ordering all armed bodies of Mormons to disperse, and return to their usual avocation, on pain of being arrested as disturbers of the public peace, but took care to entrust its enforcement to a Marshal appointed by the Mormon Legislature, and this the Valley Tan strongly objects to as having been designed to render the Executive proclamation of no avail. We will not say that Gov. CUMMING is guilty of treason, but to us, at least, his conduct is most inexplicable.

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