The Enemy Stealing into the Democratic Camp

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“The Enemy Stealing into the Democratic Camp,” Democratic Alleganian, Cumberland, MD, 25 April 1857, p. 4.
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Cumberland (MD) Democratic Alleganian
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The Enemy Stealing into the Democratic Camp
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Leah Suhrstedt
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The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print.  Spelling and other typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.

The Enemy Stealing into the Democratic Camp.

It is rumored that several Black Republicans have been appointed to important offices by the present administration. We are loath to believe it. Should such, however, be the case, gross deception must have been practiced upon the appointing power. Let the truth be ascertained- let its stern voice pronounce the charge to be well grounded, and the remedy will no doubt be instantly applied by the removal of the new appointees. The struggle, which resulted in a Democratic victory last November, and brought the present administration into power, was too fearful in its character to justify any party affiliation now between the friends and enemies of our glorious Union engaged in that contest. The demon spirit of fanaticism which stimulated the Black Republican party and its cohorts in their desperate efforts to destroy the fabric upon which our institutions rest is still alive and full of mischief. It is an error, therefore, to suppose that northern abolitionism has lost any of its vigor, or its determination to strike a fatal blow in Democratic rule whenever an opportunity offers. Its continued howlings about “bleeding Kansas” furnish substantial evidence of this fact. And more especially is this true if the opinion be well founded, “that the safety of the Union” depends upon the recent selection of a proper person to settle “the difficulties which again surround the Kansas question.” It is the Black Republican party that keeps alive these difficulties, and thus jeopardizes the safety of the Union. None of its members can be admitted into the Democratic camp or suffered to remain there without endangering its safety. This is not the time to tamper with the enemy. There are plenty of avowed national Democrats who have fought gallantly through many severe battles with the haughty opponents of their political creed- men who spent toiling days and sleepless night in encounters with the enemies of the Union during the last campaign- capable of filling all the offices under our government. They have earned a reward from those they have placed in power. Let them not now be told that those they fought against have superior or even equal claims upon this administration. No citadel is safe with traitors and spies in it. We have an abiding faith in President Buchanan. Spread the truth before him, and all will be right.- The States.

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