William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, January 3, 1864

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    William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, January 3, 1864, William E. Stoker Papers, National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA.
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    Stoker, Elizabeth E.
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    David Gillespie, Dickinson College
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    Camp Near Marksville L.a. January the 3rd. /64

    Dear Wife it is with plesure that I seat my self once more to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope when thees few lines comes to hand they may find you and familey well. Ive nothing to write that would interest you. I wrote you a few lines a few days ago and sent it by hand by one of our men that started home on furlow. he hurried off so quick that I did not get the chance to write much. I wanted to write right smart then I was vexed then and I wantted to tell you what was the matter but he wouldent wait for me to write and I am in a better umor [humor] and I cant think of much to write now. I told you I beleave how I was cut out of a furlow. If I did not I will tell you now. There was an order come from General Talor [Taylor] to furlow too men from each companey and my name was sent up for a furlow by the Capt – and I was the best hope up fellow that you ever saw. I made shure that I would get a furlow but the adutant General looked over his books and found that we had one man out on spetial furlow and he struck out one of the names and it happened to be mine. The other man got a furlow but I missed mine. I was the worst cut down fellow that you ever saw. It made me mad. I just felt like I could gouge old Talors eyes out but I did not say any thing. I knew that it wouldent do any good to cut up. It onley make bad matters wors. All of the companey officers saw that there was something serious the matter and they knew too that was the second time that I had failed. The captain sais as quick as that man gets back that is on sptial furlow he will get me one. His time will be out the 18th of this month if he is punctual and I can get off. I will be at home by the 10th of next month but you need not look for me untill you see me. Write to me regular. Our prisoners that was taken at opalousas [Opelousas] has ben exchanged and they hav just got in. James Courtney has got back safe. I havent never thought to say any thing about the lades [ladies] of opalousas how well they treatted us. They taken our wounded men and waitted on them like brothers. On examineing the hos-pital they found that there was too wounded men from our regament to arry another ones one. When we went to leave they had our regament marched up to the female ecademy and the lades of opolousas presented us a flag. A yung lady stepped out to the edge of the pieser with it in her hand and made one of best speaches that I ever herd. I did wis you was there. When she was threw the Col. hollowed out three cheers for the lades of opalousas. You ought to of heard us hollow. We had a merry time for a little while. We hardley ever get the chance to see the lades when we do we dont know how to behave our selvs. I am bashfuller now than I was when I was a yung man. I cant hardley say any thing to the women if they ask me any thing. I want to see you so bad I am nearley ded. I dream of seeing you often and you want speak to me. You want pay any attention to me. Write to me and let me know if you want notice me if I come to see you if I get the chance. I am comeing before long. Kiss Priscilla for me and if I get the chance to come home Ile kiss you every day in return and hug you too. Nothing more but I remain yours as ever.

    William E. Stoker

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