William Daniel Himes to Charles Francis Himes, May 3, 1857

Source citation
Himes, William Daniel, to Charles Francis Himes, New Oxford, PA, 3 May 1857. MC 2000.1, Charles Francis Himes Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.
Author (from)
William Daniel Himes
Recipient (to)
Himes, Charles Francis
Date Certainty
Matthew Dudek
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The following text is presented here in complete form, as true to the original written document as possible.
New Oxford May 3rd 1857
Charles F. Himes
Dear Son yours of April came to hand, and by it we learn you had not then received ours written to you. but I hope ere this you have received them. in mine I stated that Wm Lynch had got home and that he had made several purchases and Daniel Lynch last evening stated that Wm in his last to them made enquiry of your whereabouts as he had not heard of you nor did he know where to write to and that he had several letters for you: you had better write to him. I should much prefer hearing from you that you were engaged at some business or that you were coming home or if you wished to purchase why do so in my name and then in a sale we could make the title [illegible]. I judge by this time you have learnt that speculation is easier spoken of than realized. and yet thousands are made daily; and I suppose if you invest a little in the course of yours it might be good yet. I always think the second hand purchases are always the most profitable. for instance town lots and let lay for 5 or 8 years and then they pay or land a mile or so off from the city in the

in a few years become a part of the town sometimes but then the taxes. soon run off with the profits the best for you is to get a good school or not to look to the highest salery but one good in character and or come home and then perhaps something else might be done: perhaps Alex might go out this summer: Mr. Barker’s note came back protested for non payment he wrote to me a day or so before stateing he could not meet it and sent me his two notes for $50 at 60 days $100 at 90 days and promised to meet them which I suppose he will = old [illegible] Lynch I think will start out in about a week to Wm so Dan thinks the Family will remain here there are a number going out from here [illegible] few to Kansas, James [illegible] and his brotherinlaw and several others, Wm Bettinger and [illegible] Heoffer next week, Saml. McTaggert to Mo. Edward D[illegible] left about 2 weeks since and I expect he is with Henry and they are buying Mo. swamp lands Henry is engage by Contract with the state to drain them and some of them they say are very fine he is also deputy sheriff of some county: as to Buch’s administration being a second washington’s is morelikely to be the very reverse: but a second Pierce: from his course and they begin very much to fear Penna: Wilmot has written to Packer to appoint a time and place to open the Compain [illegible] if he refuses will stump the state himself. President Judge Lewis the present democratic nominee for reelection has lately resigned for what course I do not know – I care not what person gives credit to slavery I look at it as sinful and wrong and only wish them that sanction [illegible] a test of its benefits by being enslaved themselves, as that would be the test rule do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you = and then have erased from our declaration certain parts which do not speak truth now.
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