San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Pleasant Reunion of Pioneers,” September 30, 1859

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    “Pleasant Reunion of Pioneers,” San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, September 30, 1859, p. 2: 1.
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    San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin
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    Pleasant Reunion of Pioneers
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    PLEASANT REUNION OF PIONEERS. – Never before did the rooms of the California Pioneers behold so brilliant and pleasing a scene as that which graced them on last evening, when, for the first time, the exclusive dominion of bearded [crestion?] was broken in upon, and the ladies were invited to participate in a social reunion of the enterprising Pioneers and their families. The rooms had been tastefully arranged for the occasion – one as a drawing room, another for the use of those who chose to dance, and others as refreshment rooms. In the former of these, the founders of San Francisco mingled in groups, and talked over the days of ’49 and ’50, contrasting the trials, discomforts, and fears and hopes of that period with the present, and the grand results ten years of praiseworthy effort have accomplished. Here, too, they cultivated better acquaintance with each other, and those kindly relations of cordial good will which eminently befit co-laborers in so glorious a work as was that of establishing a great State upon the Pacific coast – the healthful germ, perhaps, of a future Republic. The music was very fine, and all the arrangements in most excellent taste. The company seemed to enjoy the occasion exceedingly well, and the festivities were continued until a late hour.

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