Letter from Allen Hersh to Charles Francis Himes, August 30, 1857

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    Hersh, Allen, to Charles Francis Himes. York, PA, 31 August 1857. MC 2000.1, Charles
    Francis Himes Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.


    Author (from)
    Allen Hersh
    Recipient (to)
    Himes, Charles Francis
    Date Certainty
    Matt Dudek
    The following text is presented here in complete form, as true to the original written document as possible.

    York Aug 31st 1857

    Mr. C. F. Himes
    Dear Sir,

    Your interesting sheet was duly received and contents appreciated accordingly. I reply at this early date because if I postpone any longer, I fear you will not hear from me for sometime to come. for the Political world there is nothing to make one enthusiastic or [illegible] the patriotism of the [illegible] We had speeches made by Isaac E. Hazlehurst Esq. and Gen. Packer (or rather Gen Backer.) the latter of said to meet Wilmot on the stump not wishing as the [illegible] Fair committee to agitate the [slavery] question

    spoke for two hours (or tried to) disgusting the audience by a [illegible] speech first and last the unterrified hung their heads, at so cowardly an attack upon opposition candidate. [illegible] is a perfect Gentleman and delighted his audience which was composed of [illegible] men of all parties. Our standard bearer will speak on the first of October, then stand back, [illegible] hypocritical offences howl, [illegible] pretended Union [loners] for [illegible] is the man for the people. The one of a very few who ever [illegible] a great [illegible] measure always consistent. He stands uncorrupted [illegible] by party [illegible] The Democrats will elect there county ticket tough it is a [very] unspoken one. But they would vote for the fl if

    he was on the ticket. Our Town is becoming itself again since the warm weather is over. We have had for the past week a foretaste of Autumn. The bland temperature of its days and its cool refreshing nights just [illegible] me. We have a great many strangers who assist in making it pleasanter for those who enjoy society of a fashionable nature. I have not been doing much in that line for sometime. This is the first of September (I comenced this letter yesterday) and it is pleasing to see the happy and smiling faces of the school girls as they pass the window going to school the first day after a vacation of two months. I have not been at Oxford since

    April, therefore cannot give you as full an account of things as I would like. I know you like to hear news therefore I will try and give you that article that gigantic work in construction viz the Hanover and Gettysburg rail-road is being completed rapidly the old Iron Horse [ventured] a distance of two miles between Hanover and Oxford six weeks more and the inhabitants of Old Oxford will hear [illegible] his [illegible] and [illegible] through their great valleys. [illegible] that be a day Charles I [illegible] try and the present May K[illegible] an you [illegible] [illegible], short several weeks there, from accounts they must have had a splendid time of it. I thought of going up but could not get off. I suppose you have heard that Frank has offered himself as a candidate subject to the decision of the County Convention. I think he will have a tight race if he is nominated

    The “[illegible] Girls” of York and Harrisburg. You may possibly be interested in the welfare of James, therefore [illegible] allude to this subject, Your regards were pus to the ladies aforementioned. They send [illegible] undying and holy respects that person that you alluded to by saying that “forty Horses [illegible]” is expected back to school in a day or two. I’ll to the depot by thunder and wish outstretched arms and I’ll (I won’t say what) go there anyhow you say I was not specific in regards to the sex of the B. Ruffians you inter[illegible] with you my dear Sir I thought that understood. I mean a shemale there If you can’t determine

    I would like to give you a much larger letter. But I have not time just now. Customers are coming in and as I flatter myself I am not of the least importance when that duty is to be performed. [illegible] them. Here goes to wait on a York County dutch woman I am [illegible] and will entertain you a little longer I heard from Andy Pofflins a short time ago he is spending sometime in that Red Hot [illegible] North Carolina. T. Holiday Hicks is the American candidate for Governor of Maryland I have the honor of being acquainted intimately with with his stepdaughter some girl I tell you.

    Your Father was in town the day I recd your letter but I did not see him after its receipt. Your family are or [illegible] all will. You will please excuse the excellent connection between the sentences of this document but I promised you news and you have all I can scrape up answer me soon and oblige you H.
    [illegible]. Allen H

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