Charles Francis Himes Travel Journal 03-15-1857

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Himes, Charles Francis. Travel Journal, 1857. MC 2000.1, Charles Francis Himes Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, p. 3-4.
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Himes, Charles Francis
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Leah Suhrstedt
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The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print.  Spelling and other typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.

Sunday, March 15th about daylight landed at Wayne City & Independence landing & discharged a great amt. of freight—this is 7 miles above Liberty which is a small landing having a warehouse or two & situated on a bluff. Ind. landing is a level liable to wear & tear Randolph next below Kansas City not of much account. Reached Kansas city about 9 ½ o’clock (Sunday March 15th). Took a room with Mr. Judson of Elmira N. York two others in the room, we had a fire in it they were clever fellows. Very muddy could not go out much. Wm. H. Russel (boat) passed up, the Amazon & Saturn down. Few passengers on the down boats I wrote a letter home to Helen. In evening they were playing cards in my room. I went to bed early. In morning went to P.O. no letter from Wm Lynch as he had promised. Sent letter to Helen. Took a hack and went to Westport (50c) got there at about 10 1.2 o’clock. Sat around a littel and walked out to the Mission Schools saw Tom Johnson & presented my letter from A. Henridrix. Mrs. Jones, Miss Ege were there he did not introduce me except to his wife. He is a big fat old fellow can’t sit comfortably in a chair, house is furnished in real old Methodist style home made carpet pretty badly worn ladies dressed in silks. Mrs. Jones appears to be a fine woman, rather thin faced, high forehead & black hair. Mrs. Johnson plain add fashioned calico dressed Methodist. We talked on Kansas matters &c. Johnson said they were a National party & had doffed proslaverism because that was sectional & that Geary tried to do as well as he could &c. Advised me to go to council Grove read me a letter from that peace. Its a good place speculation I suppose they are just laying out a town. I did not like the cold hospitality with which be treated me he seemed rather suspicious that I was free state in my sympathies & belonged to the church north. I got up to leave he asked me if I was rested & walked to door with me I bid him good day without shaking hands & left in disgust. The school building is fine large brick & his residence very large brick & several other brick buildings, teachers boarding house, chiefs house &c. There are 3 sections of land with the school and the chief has 2 sections – splendid prairie points projecting into the timber & heavy rolling & right.

Return to Westport sat around. Westport is fine large town very lively general stage depot they depart from here to all parts of the territory & many emitrants pass through here. Stopped at Harris House did not take any meal. Most business looking town I saw. Returned to Kansas City to supper & got my old room. Road to Westport principally though timber about 4 miles. Saw lots of Indians principally civilized. Some pretty squaws. Played euchre straight. I sat back drank a glad of ale and went to be early. Kansas City is a largely laid out place is finely situated abou 1 7/8 miles from mouth of Kansas River on an air line, it is build on very rough ground on irrecular bluff and requires very heavy grading levee and landing pretty good & will be permanent I think. Great forwarding and commission business many going into the territory stop here. The American House kept by Chiles best & only fit house. Some fine residences on the out skirts of town, buildings very much scattered and lots enormously high without much to warrant it. It’s about a mile from the Kansas line. Wynadot City a junction of Kan & Missouri Rivers. North of Kan is in sight contains about 12 houses, an excuse for a hotel & a wharf boat for a storage house. Its finely situated shares originally $700 now up to $1000. I like the location of Wyandotte as it is on a nice knoll. But property is high enough & no good title given.

Quindaro swindle lies 6 miles above Wyandatt. I feel like going to Missouri & settling down to teaching leaving this hum bug country.


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