Boston (MA) Advertiser, “Mr. Hyatt’s Case,” February 29, 1860

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    “Mr. Hyatt’s Case,” Boston (MA) Advertiser, February 29, 1860, p. 2: 2.
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    Boston Daily Advertiser
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    Mr. Hyatt’s Case
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    MR. HYATT’S CASE. Mr. Thaddeus Hyatt hastens to show that in leaving Washington he did not seek to avoid the process of the Senate, compelling his attendance upon the Harper’s Ferry Committee, but that he only sought time and opportunity to prepare for his defense against the power thus exercised. He wrote from this city on Friday to the Sergeant-at-Arms at Washington, to announce that on the 7th of March he should be in Washington, and at the service of that officer; he also wrote to Senator Mason, chairman of the committee, that having obtained in Massachusetts the opportunity to maintain his rights, he is prepared to receive any process that may be served, and that until the date of his arrival in Washington any process left with his counsel, Mr. Sewall, would reach him. Mr. Hyatt evidently has no misgivings, and we suspect that on the other hand Senator Mason begins to feel that he might as well have an elephant on his hands as this investigation.

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