Entry by Samuel Elliot, August 25, 1864

    Source citation
    Samuel P. Bates, The History of Pennsyvlania Volunteers, 1861-65 (Harrisburg, PA: B. Singerly, 1869), 1: 731.
    Author (from)
    Elliot, Samuel
    Date Certainty
    Transcription adapted from The History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 (1869), by Samuel P. Bates
    Adapted by Brenna McKelvey, Dickinson College
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    The following transcript has been adapted from The History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65 (1869).
    Thursday 25.-Charles Jarimer, a recruit of our company, and a bunk-mate of mine, died to-day, after a long and painful illness; helped to carry his body to the “dead house"-a house built in the rear of the hospital, outside the stockade. There were about twenty-five other bodies, most of which had been stripped of all their clothing, and were so black and swollen they could not be recognized. While I was there I saw them piling the bodies one on top of the other, into the wagon, to be hauled to their graves or ditches. I passed through the hospital on my way back, and the sights I saw there were enough to make one sick: the tents were filled with what could once have been called men, but were now nothing but mere skeletons. The short time I was there I saw several die. A man is never admitted to the hospital until there is no hope of his recovery, and when once there it is seldom, if ever, he returns.
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