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    "Latest Intelligence,” New York Daily Times, 31 March 1857, p. 1.
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    New York Times
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    Latest Intelligence
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    Leah Suhrstedt
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    By Telegraph to the New-York Daily Times.

    Magnetic Telegraph Co.’s Office- 4 Hanover St., and 181 Broadway

    From Washington.


    WASHINGTON, Monday, March 30.

    The Cabinet have had several night consultations relative to the affairs of Kansas.

    Mr. STANTON, the new Secretary of State, will leave next Monday, and will be the acting Governor of Kansas till the arrival of Mr. R. J. WALKER, whose private business will detain him here till early in May.

    The outlines of the instructions to Mr. WALKER are agreed upon, and he is to proceed on the principle of recognizing the statues of Kansas as valid. The principal business with which he is charge is, as heretofore surmised, to see that the people have free, independent and uninterrupted expression of opinion and exercise of suffrage concerning the affairs of the Territory in carrying out the provisions of the census law and registry law, and that for the election of delegates to the Constitutional Convention. The troops heretofore employed in the Territory are to be removed, and others who have not been engaged in former difficulties are to be ordered thither. It is apprehended, however, that there will be no use for the militia. The Administration are resolved that the laws shall be maintained at all hazards, and have full confidence in Mr. WALKER to carry out their instructions.

    Mr. WOODSON, who is superseded by Mr. STANTON as Secretary of State, will certainly be appointed to the Land Office in Kansas.

    Mr. CASS has been confined to his bed all day by sickness.

    Every exertion is being made by the Navy Department for the steamer Niagara to leave New York on the 10th of April. Owing to the weight of the submarine able, she will not be supplied with her armament.

    The following Collectors of Customs have been reappointed:

    Thomas D. Winner, at Great Egg harbor; Edw. T. Hillyer, at Newark, N. J.,; R. B. Wills, at Oxford, Md.; James G. Dell, at St. Johns, Fla.; Michael Shoemaker, at Detroit, Mich., vice Hadman, whose commission has expired.

    The Following Surveyors have been reappointed:

    ISAAC W. MICKLE, at Camden, N.J.

    CHARLES PARKER, at Snow Hill, MD.

    The following Postmasters have been reappointed:

    SAMUEL M. CHAMBERS at Jersey City, N.J.; GEORGE BOWERS at Nashua, N.H.; DAVID SMALL, at York, Penn.; THOS. BRASHEARS at Steubenville, Ohio.

    T. RUSH SPENCER has been appointed a Register in the Land Office at Hudson, Wis., vice HERRING removed.


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