New York Times, “Man Overboard!,” March 31, 1857

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    “Man Overboard!,” New York Times, March 31, 1857, p. 5: 3.
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    New York Daily Times
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    Man Overboard!
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    Leah Suhrstedt, Dickinson College
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    Man Overboard!

    At 5 o’clock P.M., yesterday, a man, too much in a hurry to wait for the next boat at the Fulton Ferry, essayed a leap after the boat as she was receding from the slip: his agility and momentum not being equal to the space to be overcome, he dropped into the dock, where he was observed bobbing round for several minutes enjoying a cold bath. A pole was extended to the hapless individual to keep him from sinking, which he grasped with convulsive energy, all-forgetful of his fat sailing off on a voyage of discovery. A ladder was finally handed down, on which he slowly ascended to dry land, a wetter and wiser man.

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