Lincoln Cemetery, Penbrook, PA

Located at Booser Avenue and 30th Streets, Penbrook, PA. Dedicated in 1877, Lincoln Cemetery is the final resting place of many Civil War soldiers, including those that served in the United States Colored Troops. Notable burials from Pennsylvania's Grand Review 100 Voices include: Aquila Amos, Troop E, 5th Massachusetts Cavalry; John W. Johnson, Co. D, 45th USCT; Ephraim Slaughter, Co. B, 37th USCT.

Other USCT burials include: James M. Auter, Naval Service; John Henry Barton, 7th Maryland; Horace B. Bennett, Co. F, 54th Massachusetts; Robert Both, 1st Cavalry USCT; William Burris, Co. B, 123rd Connecticut; William Craig, Co. H, 32nd USCT; Jacob T. Cumpton, Co. D, 24th USCT; James E. Dent, Co. C, 127th USCT; Samuel Downey, Co. D, 24th USCT; James W. Edwards, Co. A, 39th USCT; Harry R. Flowers, Troop F, 2nd Cavalry USCT; Isaac E. Gordon, Co. D, 24th USCT; Nathan Hopkins, Co. A, 127th USCT; Samuel Jones, Co. F, 30th USCT; William Jones, Co. D, 32nd USCT; George Lee, Co. C, 24th USCT; William T. Lee, Co. D, 55th Massachusetts; David Montgomery, Co. C, 24th USCT; George Scott, Co. D, 54th Massachusetts; William White, 8th USCT. (By Rebecca Solnit)
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