Carlisle (PA) American, “Fitzhugh Lee,” July 22, 1863

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    “Fitzhugh Lee,” Carlisle (PA) American, July 22, 1863, p. 3: 2.
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    Carlisle American
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    Fitzhugh Lee
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    FITZHUGH LEE. – Our citizens will, no doubt, rejoice over the capture of this incarnate fiend, who, not more than three weeks ago, held out town at the mercy of his cannons. With scarcely a moment’s warning, and while the women and children were flying through the streets to places of safety, this “chivalrous scoundrel” – in the disguise of a rebel uniform – opened a furious bombardment for three long hours upon our defenceless town. Such an outrage was never perpetrated by any nation at war with another, and there exists no punishment too severe that could be visited upon such a villain. – We sincerely hope that the Government will not let him escape the just doom that will forever put an end to his inglorious career. If the Government at Washington should think it proper, we would suggest that they hand over his “ugly carcass” to the citizens of Carlisle, when an outraged people could have revenge.

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